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Senior Full Stack Engineer

€70K - €90K EUR / 0.30% - 0.60%
Berlin, BE, DE / Remote (AT; BE; BG; HR; CY; CZ; DK; EE; FI; FR; DE; GR; HU; IT; LV; LT; LU; MT; NL; PL; PT; RO; SI; SK; ES; SE; NO; GB; CH)
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6+ years
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Philip Isik
Philip Isik

About the role

Senior Full Stack Engineer

The core problem, we’re solving with Tiptap

Millions of people around the world are using them right now in their web browsers: Text editors. While the vast majority of users have no idea about the underlying technology, and even most web-savvy people think of a text editor as a simple piece of HTML, most of the content on the web comes through them, and while it always seems like an easy problem to solve for web developers at first, it's extremely difficult and finicky to do well, especially when you need to build more sophisticated editor UIs like Google Docs or Notion do.

That's why we built Tiptap. Transforming this complexity into fun.

About Tiptap

Chances are high that you’ve already heard about Tiptap or used it in one of your projects. With 22k GitHub stars and over 2M npm downloads per month, Tiptap is one of the most popular editor frameworks worldwide and used by thousands of businesses, such as SubStack, Axios and GitLab to build an advanced content editing experience into their app.

With our new cloud offerings, we are striving to build the leading ecosystem of services around the Tiptap editor that will make life much easier for product teams and developers using Tiptap. Our mission is to shape the future of how content is created on the web, by making every text editor smart and collaborative. Sounds too bold? Indeed, it is!

In a nutshell

  • Role: Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Employment Type: Full-time, permanent
  • Location: On-site in Berlin or remotely in Europe
  • Salary: 70,000 € - 90,000 € annually
  • Annual Vacation: 30 days
  • Annual Training Budget: 1,000 €
  • Employee Stock Options: 0.3 - 0.6 %
  • Equipment: MacBook, monitor & accessories
  • Inflation Compensation: 2 % annual salary increase to compensate for average inflation
  • Office Retreat: Fully paid one-week company offsite each year

Your impact

Your daily work affects thousands of web developers around the world. This huge responsibility comes with one major benefit: Impact! Every line of code you write will make the life of our 30k strong developer community better and help them to build sophisticated web applications faster.

Our Core Values

  • Open Source: We believe in the power of open source and community collaboration.
  • Transparency: We share knowledge openly.
  • Autonomy and Impact: Your work directly influences the experience of every person who develops with Tiptap or creates content in the editor as a user (which are a lot).
  • Problem-Solving: We encourage rapid iteration and continuous learning to solve the web's biggest challenges.

Our Tech Stack

To make sure you don't regret joining Tiptap, here's our tech stack:

  • Languages: Java
  • Frameworks: Zend, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Databases: Oracle

Hell, just kidding!

  • Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP
  • Frameworks: Node.js, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Laravel
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • DevOps: Git, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Grafana, Kibana, Sentry, Cypress
  • Others: styled-components, Sass, Prisma, ProseMirror, Yjs


Four times a year, we aim to host five-day hackathons in person at our Berlin headquarters at company expense. The purpose of the hackathon is to 1) strengthen our team culture, 2) laser-focus on releasing the most important Tiptap feature on our quarterly roadmap, and 3) celebrate our achievements.


As a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Tiptap, you'll be responsible for the front-end and back-end of Tiptap's cloud services, including Tiptap Collab and Tiptap AI. Your work will also involve integrating these cloud services into the editor framework by writing Tiptap editor extensions. In addition, you’ll outline the technical documentation for these services. Part of your role will be to discuss the features you're building, share experiences and gather feedback. This feedback will directly influence our product and roadmap.

In your daily work, you'll be an important part of a small, highly skilled and motivated team of engineers, a product manager and a UX/UI designer. Of course, you can also reach out to other colleagues outside of your core team for sparring sessions, inspiration, or help when you need it.


  • A minimum of 6 years of proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript with the ability to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code.
  • Extensive experience with Node.js for backend development and Vanilla JavaScript/TypeScript and React for frontend development.
  • Skilled in building responsive, mobile-first UIs using Tailwind CSS and proficient in CSS-in-JS solutions such as styled-components.
  • Strong understanding of relational databases with experience in MySQL and PostgreSQL, and familiarity with caching and data persistence using Redis.
  • Experience with Prisma for database access and management in Node.js.
  • Familiarity with error tracking and performance monitoring using Sentry, and end-to-end testing with Cypress or similar.


  • Experience with Tiptap and Hocuspocus.
  • Expertise in rich text editors and an understanding of real-time collaborative editing with conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs), particularly with ProseMirror and Yjs.
  • Familiarity with the Laravel PHP framework.
  • A keen interest or background in UX/UI design, demonstrating a strong grasp of user-centric development.
  • Experience working with OpenAI’s services.

Here’s how it works

Sounds like a good fit? Write why you want to work with us. We would be more than proud if you would like to be part of our team, and we are looking forward to meeting you soon! IMPORTANT: Tell us in your application if you prefer tabs or spaces. We won't judge you, we promise!

Next steps:

  1. We will review your application and typically respond to your email within 5 days.
  2. If we are convinced by your application, we will have a short video call (approx. 30 minutes) to get to know each other, to check your motivation, why you want to join Tiptap and to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions that are important to you.
  3. If we both want to take it to the next level, we will have a longer video call (45 - 60 minutes) to talk about technical topics to get a better understanding of how you work in your role as a Senior Full Stack Engineer and if your skills match our expectations.
  4. You'll join our engineering team for a day (paid) to work on a task to provide you with a realistic view of what it's like to work at Tiptap, and of course we're more than curious to get your honest feedback!
  5. No later than 3 weeks after your initial email, we will have made a decision and will send you an offer.

Your first day at Tiptap

Your first day at Tiptap is going to be special. You will join the core team at our headquarters in Berlin, meet the Berlin-based team in person, receive your onboarding + hardware, and enjoy lunch with your new colleagues at a cool food spot.

If you work remotely, we'll offer you the opportunity to book a flight/train to Berlin at company expense to join us for your onboarding day, but of course you can do the whole process remotely via video calls and we'll mail you your new equipment. It's up to you!

No more words, we look forward to receiving your application!

And don't forget to tell us in your application if you prefer tabs or spaces. We won't judge you, we promise!

About Tiptap

Team Size:10
Location:Berlin, Germany
Sven Adlung
Sven Adlung
Patrick Baber
Patrick Baber
Nick Hirche
Nick Hirche
Timo Isik
Timo Isik
Philip Isik
Philip Isik
Sebastian Schrama
Sebastian Schrama