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Payment processor for transit.

Senior Web Developer at Token Transit

$160 - $160 / 0.50% - 1.50%
San Francisco / Remote
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3+ years
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Zachary Browne
Zachary Browne

About the role

Token Transit

Public Transit is vital infrastructure serving millions of people every year. Token Transit is a modern payment platform for over 150 transit agencies across North America. We build the frontend payment tools that transit riders use to pay for and board transit as well as the backend management and data reporting to help transit agencies account for and plan their service.

We also work with our transit agencies to help expand their services. Our platform is used to distribute hundreds of thousands of passes on behalf of universities, employers and medical service providers. We are also unifying rideshare and bikeshare offerings under the umbrella of their public transit service.

Learn more about us here:


We are looking for a full-stack web developer that can help develop and own our administrative portals used by transit agency employees, Token Transit operations team and, eventually, riders.

Here are some projects that you are likely to work on:

  • Create a slick back office experience for transit agencies “Helping agencies help themselves” is one of the core values of our product. Our current bare bones web portal allows agencies to change their fare prices, keep track of their validation hardware, and download sales reports for FTA reporting. You will work with the Token Transit Operations team and the rest of the Engineering team to expand this to cover more of our offerings, including trip planner partnerships and pass distribution programs.

  • Empower our operations team with new web tools Not every operation can be done by transit agency employees. For everything else, there is the Token Transit Operations team. We will need to create the tools to help scale Token Transit out to the next 200 agencies. This means developing a web-based interface to manage common transit agency problems, instead of teaching our agents to use the command line.

  • Accelerate bulk distribution with an institution portal Did you know that, in some agencies, 50% or more transit passes are not purchased by the end user? Many riders are subsidized by universities, employers or social services. The main constraint is not budgets -- it is distribution. We are working with institutions to manage these offers and get more people on board, but we need your help to accelerate this.

  • Design and build a web portal for riders Token Transit passes can be purchased in our apps on iOS and Android, as well as third-party partners like Google Maps. That’s not all -- riders can also purchase passes through our website. You would be in charge of owning the latter process, and, eventually, building it out into a full-featured web app for riders to manage accounts.

  • Something we haven't even thought of. One exciting part of working at an early stage startup is while we know many of the projects we're working on, there will be at least one surprise waiting for us.

About you

We are looking for someone that has experience in web development. In particular, familiarity with React is a plus, but not required.

We don’t believe that there is one school or one degree that defines a great software engineer. We aren't looking to judge you based on how you got your skills, and if this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to apply.

We also hope you're enthusiastic about learning about the products we build. You don't need to be a public transit fanatic, but you will need to empathize with both the transit agencies and transit riders we serve.

About us

Token Transit is currently a small team of eight. Our roles are split between agency operations and engineering. We value teamwork, communication, enthusiasm and empathy.

Our webapps are currently written in Typescript, Javascript and React, with some older services running in Golang. Our mobile apps are written in native code for each platform: Swift on iOS (with a little bit of Objective-C), and Kotlin on Android (with a bit of Java). Our backend is written in Go and runs on Google Cloud. We don't expect anyone to be an expert in most of the tools we work in and are ready to help get you up to speed.

We're based in San Francisco, CA. At the moment we don't have any expectations about where you're located. We would love to see you in person at least occasionally in San Francisco once it's possible.

Why you should join Token Transit

Token Transit puts cities in the center of managing new mobility. We help city governments keep pace with the rapidly changing transportation environment by providing innovative new methods for transit payment.

We believe that transportation needs to be accessible, affordable and efficient. Private mobility companies were providing innovative new services but failing to meet these important goals. We started Token Transit to partner with cities to expand accessible, affordable and efficient transportation access from the city bus or subway to bikeshare, rideshare and beyond.

Token Transit launched our mobile ticketing app in 2016. We now provide payments for transportation in over 150 cities across the United States and Canada and expanded our payment service to include third party trip planning apps such as Transit, Moovit and Google Maps.