Exchange to trade on future events.

QA Engineer

$10K - $25K / 0.05% - 0.10%
Gurugram, HR, IN
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

TradeX is stock exchange for everything. Enabling people to trade on event outcomes like no of covid cases, inflation rate, IPL winner or the next prime minister. At TradeX, we are building a mass-market product with high social engagement as people like to discuss their opinions on movies, TV series, politics, sports, current affairs, economics, and many more topics.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi alums with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like gaming or trading, you will love working at TradeX.

We are looking for a lead QA Automation engineer to ensure system doesn’t break down in real time. Should be able to handle entire QA automation efforts single handedly. The Automation candidate should be dependable, proactive, resourceful who can co-ordinate with developers & product team. The ability to work in high pressured environment is essential.


  1. Develop common, reusable automation framework and tools that execute against the automation strategy and drive future improvements.
  2. Writing automation scripts
  3. Build test automation frameworks from scratch.
  4. Execution of automation suite and providing results to the team.
  5. Develop automated testing strategies that can run in a CI/CD environment.
  6. Plan, create and control of test environments and test data.
  7. Scaling-up the test cases after every release to reduce manual efforts.


  1. 3+ years working as Test Automation Engineer with proven experience of implementing Automation Testing frameworks and methodology to support agile product development
  2. Demonstrated experience in implementing test automation solutions using tools such as Selenium, Cucumber.
  3. Ongoing knowledge of automated testing industry best practices and trends.
  4. Sound understanding of Agile and DevOps methodologies and concepts including expertise in continuous integration test and delivery (Jenkins, TeamCity etc.).
  5. Understanding of QA within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and QA methodologies

Technical Skills: Candidate must be very strong and proficient in working with following technologies/tools:

  1. Java
  2. Selenium
  3. Python
  4. SQL
  5. GIT
  6. API Testing

Domain: Gaming and Financial services.

About the interview

2 days process in total …

  1. Round 1. Culture fitment round with Co-Founder ⋅⋅* To understand how well you good you are taking ownership of a piece and deliver it end to end without much of any senior leadership intervention ⋅⋅* Understand your career aspiration and if are they aligned with TradeX future vision

  1. Round 2. Technical discussion with Co-Founder ⋅⋅* To understand fundamentals of your technology understanding

  1. Round 3. Technical discussion with Head of Technology ⋅⋅* To understand how good are your problem solving skills in real time. You will be give on call assignment during this round.

About TradeX

TradeX is building the future of predictions. We believe that by equipping people with the platform to express their opinions, we will be helping the world capture collective wisdom to make impact decisions.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi, with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like trading, data, gaming & gambling, you will love working at TradeX.

💡 What we're looking for is Speed, Passion, Attention to detail, Get it done attitude, Long term & 1st principal thinking and lastly team player with ZERO insecurities. Learning opportunities will be huge.

Team Size:25
Location:Gurugram, India
Divij Goyal
Divij Goyal
Indrajeet Roy
Indrajeet Roy
Ankit Shrivastava
Ankit Shrivastava