Exchange to trade on outcome of events.

Social Marketing (Twitter and Discord)

$100 - $250
VN / MY / ID / PH / TR / Remote (VN; MY; ID; PH; TR)
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Tradex Markets Inc. is a US-based prediction market exchange that has been operational for two years and backed by Y Combinator. We specialize in trading on the outcomes of future events, ranging from the number of COVID-19 cases to esports tournaments and political elections. With global operations, we offer a dynamic and innovative platform for predictive trading.

We are looking for a Marketing Intern to manage our social media channels, Discord and Telegram communities, and assist with social media advertising campaigns. This is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about digital marketing and community engagement.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Manage and grow our presence on social media platforms (Twitter and Discord and Telegram).
  2. Engage actively with our communities on Discord and Telegram.
  3. Assist in creating and managing social media ad campaigns.
  4. Monitor and report on social media metrics and community feedback.
  5. Collaborate with the marketing team to develop social media strategies.
  6. Contribute to content creation for various digital platforms.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  1. Strong understanding of social media platforms and community engagement tools.
  2. Excellent communication and writing skills.
  3. Basic knowledge of social media advertising.
  4. Ability to work independently, remotely and in a team environment.
  5. Familiarity with analytics tools is a plus.

Compensation and Work Environment

  1. Compensation: $100 - $200 per month.
  2. Work Culture: Embraces modern startup culture with flexibility and full autonomy.
  3. Location: Remote job, allowing for a flexible work environment.

Application Process

  1. Interested candidates should submit a resume and a brief cover letter highlighting relevant experience and skills. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


  1. This role is ideal for someone passionate about data, trends, and event management and looking to make a significant impact in a fast-growing startup. Join us at Tradex Markets Inc. to shape the future of prediction markets in Asia and south America markets.

About the interview

Two days process in total …

Round 1. Culture fitment round with Co-Founder

  1. To understand how well you good you are taking ownership of a piece and delivering it end to end without much of any senior leadership intervention
  2. Understand your career aspirations and whether they align with TradeX's future vision …

Round 2. Market research discussion with the Product Manager

  1. To understand how good your problem-solving skills are in real-time. You will be given on on-call assignment during this round.

About TradeX

TradeX is building the future of predictions. We believe that by equipping people with the platform to express their opinions, we will be helping the world capture collective wisdom to make impact decisions.

TradeX is founded by engineers from IIT Roorkee & IIT Delhi, with 10 years of experience in building digital consumer products. If you like trading, data, gaming & gambling, you will love working at TradeX.

💡 What we're looking for is Speed, Passion, Attention to detail, Get it done attitude, Long term & 1st principal thinking and lastly team player with ZERO insecurities. Learning opportunities will be huge.

Team Size:31
Location:Gurugram, India
Divij Goyal
Divij Goyal
Indrajeet Roy
Indrajeet Roy
Ankit Shrivastava
Ankit Shrivastava