We help companies scale marketing campaigns through WhatsApp

Product Manager

$150K - $200K / 0.15%
New York, NY, US
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

At, we are developing software to help companies create effective marketing campaigns using WhatsApp. Currently, we are profitable and have a small engineering team of only 4 people. We have over 400 customers, and our product is used to send over 10 million marketing campaigns per month.

As the first professional PM, you'll lead the development of more integrations with WhatsApp. We've built a great Hubspot-WhatsApp integration, and are willing to expand our offering by discovering what to build, and then building it!

Your mission would be to lead the development of high-quality integrations between WhatsApp and marketing tools by talking with users, conducting experiments, and participating in decision-making. Aim to deliver solutions that effectively address marketers’ problems and help them achieve success with their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

We’ve raised $17M+ and We are actively recruiting multiple Product roles!


  • Extraordinary customer interviewing ability: The ability to conduct effective and insightful customer interviews in order to gain a deep understanding of customer behavior, needs, and preferences.
  • Customer Insight Analysis: Possess a highly analytical capacity to analyze customer data and insights in order to understand customer behavior, needs, and preferences.
  • Experiment Process: Have a well-thought-out, structured, and systematic approach to developing and testing product hypotheses. This involves skills such as hypothesis testing, product development, and project management.
  • Great Spanish OR Portuguese conversational skills are necessary to interact with our customers.
  • Openness to criticism and ideas: Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.
  • High standards. Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
  • Great Communication Abilities: The ability to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders, using clear and concise language to convey complex information.


At, we're building products to help companies strengthen relationships with their consumers and drive revenue using WhatsApp.

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member helping us shape:

  1. Our company culture
  2. Our engineering culture
  3. The vision and execution strategy of our products
Team Size:38
Location:New York
Wilson Daniel Martinez
Wilson Daniel Martinez
Felipe Otálora
Felipe Otálora
Sebastián Valencia
Sebastián Valencia