Trestle Biotherapeutics

Trestle Biotherapeutics

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Bioengineered kidneys for patients with kidney failure

We are developing an implantable therapeutic tissue that will be surgically delivered to patients suffering from end stage renal disease. Upon implantation, this tissue will supplement the patient's renal function, eliminating their dependency on dialysis and improving their disease status. This has the potential to not only get these patients off dialysis - a significant impact for them and their families - but to greatly extend the time required before kidney transplantation is essential.

Trestle Biotherapeutics
Team Size:2
Location:San Diego, CA

Active Founders

Alice Chen

Entrepreneur with 20+ years research experience in the fields of developmental biology, stem cell biology, and tissue engineering. Founded Trestle Biotherapeutics to develop a functional therapeutic tissue for patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease through the successful integration of stem cell biology and biofabrication.

Ben Shepherd

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shepherd is a vascular biologist, tissue engineer and regenerative medicine scientist by training. He has spent the past 10+ years in industry since leaving his academic position at the Yale School of Medicine. He has built successful research teams focused on using 3D bioprinting and biofabrication to develop both in vitro human tissue systems and translational approaches to creating therapeutic tissues.