Intelligent automation in Oncology Research and Care

Strategy & Ops

$80K - $110K
San Francisco, CA, US
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1+ years
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About the role

About Triomics

Triomics partners with cancer care providers to develop tailored Generative AI applications that empower different stakeholders with deep insights and productivity boosts to enhance workflows and decision making. Our technology helps the care and research teams make use of their health record datasets to eliminate the painstaking process of retrieving, summarizing or synthesizing information and insights for various functions. Our Gen AI powered platform, which leverages our proprietary oncology-focused large language model (OncoLLM) developed in conjunction with several leading cancer centers, eliminates the operational inefficiencies in trial recruitment, data curation for reporting and other laborious tasks involved in clinical research and care.

Key Responsibilities:

Report and documentation creation: a. Create clear and concise reports, documentation and presentations such as GTM strategies, Site Partnership materials, etc. b. Ensure they meet internal and external requirements. c. Continuously improve the format and content to meet the needs of different stakeholders soliciting feedback from other senior leaders in the business.

Strategic initiatives and partnerships development: a. Work closely with the VP of S&O to help identify and develop new strategic initiatives and partnerships. b. Build best practices for business and operations to improve execution.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) development and implementation: a. Assist VP of S&O and CEO on creating processes to map and track organization-wide OKRs. b. Partner with other vertical leaders to ensure implementation of OKRs across all verticals. c. Monitor progress and recommend adjustments as needed to founders and leadership.

Market and competitor research: a. Conduct ongoing market and competitor research to stay ahead of industry trends. b. Engage with potential users at hospitals to gather valuable insights. c. Develop action plans based on research findings. d. Translate recommendations into tangible results.

Day to day operations: a. Manage consultant and vendor relationships b. Help support certain functional areas as we grow as a company providing leverage when needed / prior to additional dedicated hires being made (e.g. finance)

We are seeking individuals who possess the following qualities:

Jack of all trades: A broad range of skills and knowledge, rather than specialization in a specific area. Willingness to provide scale to any functional area or leader as and when it is needed most.

First-principles thinking ability: The ability to approach problems and situations using fundamental principles and ideas rather than relying on conventions and precedents.

High level of ownership: A proactive approach to responsibilities and a strong sense of accountability. Aptitude and analytical skills: An ability to quickly understand complex concepts and apply problem-solving skills to find solutions.

Passion for healthcare and research: A genuine interest in and enthusiasm for healthcare and research, as well as a commitment to advancing the field.


Opportunities for career advancement and to scale with the company

Highly competitive salary and stock options grant

Comprehensive employee benefits including health insurance, 401(k) matching, and paid leave

About Triomics

Triomics is helping cancer care providers by reducing the burden associated with manually reviewing patient charts. Utilizing our GenAI engine, OncoLLM™—an advanced family of oncology-focused language models—we are able to accelerate clinical trial enrollment, power quality improvement projects, and address many other key strategic priorities.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Sarim Khan
Sarim Khan
Sajjan Rajpurohit
Sajjan Rajpurohit
Hrituraj Singh
Hrituraj Singh