TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business.

Sr. Product Manager

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3+ years
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About the role

Look around. (No really — do it!) What can you see that didn’t make its way to you in a truck?

Our modern world runs on trucking. But unfortunately, the industry is rife with raw deals, poor conditions, and low pay.

TrueNorth is on a mission to overhaul the trucking industry by focusing on the people who actually do the work — the drivers. Our team, made up of alums Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Tesla, Facebook, YC, and more, is building software that will become the operating system of trucking. We’ll succeed by automating busywork, cutting out middlemen, and ensuring that the people who do the lion’s share of the work take home the lion’s share of the profits.

We’re looking for a Sr. Product Manager to help us build something that’s never been built before, in an industry with punishingly complex operations and rapidly-shifting technology. If we succeed, we’ll help millions of truckers double their take-home pay.

You will:

  • Focus on solving user opportunities to drive business outcomes
  • Partner with Product Design, Engineering, and other internal team members to drive a shared vision and product strategy
  • Own product development end-to-end from product discovery to delivery
  • Join our small but mighty Product Management team
  • Have fun shipping meaningful product

You’ll kick ass in this role if:

  • You LOVE getting deep into the weeds with users to understand their problems-to-be-solved
  • Experience in end to end product management - from discovery through delivery
  • You possess high EQ and have the ability to influence without managing teams
  • You've been part of scaling a product from 0 - 1, grown marketplaces, and/or worked with complex workflows

Why you should join TrueNorth

Traditional trucking companies still run on paper, emails, phone calls, and snail mail. They’re inefficient and bloated. The pressure of low margins suffocates the truckers who actually do the work.

Our software cuts out the inefficiencies, and we pass the savings through to our truckers. Instead of paper-pushers and endless phone calls, they get an end-to-end solution: customer management, load coordination, automated invoicing, a real-time financial dashboard, a single place to manage their business.

A blog post that goes deeper into why we started this company:

We're a team of 50, and proud to say the majority of us are female or non-binary. We come from a wide range of backgrounds. We don't just value diversity, we cherish it. And we mean it.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Jin Stedge
Jin Stedge
Sanjaya Wijeratne
Sanjaya Wijeratne