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Founding Head of Sales

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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Jason Wang
Jason Wang

About the role

We launched our product last April with our technical founder leading the charge at sales. After a tremendous first year, we are ready to build out our sales org, starting with you, our first Head of Sales.

First, you will take over as the primary closer in your first three months. Your unfair advantage is our 5-person prospecting team that is consistently producing qualified leads and a playbook that has 3x our revenue from last year.

Next, you will improve our playbook and be responsible for hiring additional Account Executives within six months to scale the team.

In short, as our founding Head of Sales, your role will evolve into a true player-coach within the first two quarters at TrueVault.

Some Facts :

  • Types of sales: 100% outbound
  • Account profile: direct-to-consumer SMBs with ARR from $15M to $75M
  • Decision-maker titles: VP of eCommerce, VP of Marketing, and COO.
  • ACV: $6K to $12k

Requirements (we mean it; we will ask about these points during the interview):

  • You have created a sales playbook before
  • You have sold to SMBs before
  • You have experience selling in the $6K to $12k ACV range

What we offer:

  • Work/life balance
  • Competitive salary with a meaningful equity package
  • World-class medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Open vacation policy
  • Generous equipment budget and customized workstation
  • A 100% remote team
  • 401k

What is TrueVault? TrueVault makes software for privacy-conscious businesses. We believe if businesses have access to tools that make getting and staying compliant simple and straightforward, respecting consumers' data privacy becomes the sensible default. And we all benefit from that.

Who is TrueVault? TrueVault is a Y Combinator graduated startup based in Silicon Valley. We have an incredible group of investors, including Paul Buchheit, Mark Pincus, and Bill Tai, who have invested more than $4 million because they believe deeply in our mission. We are a group of people passionate about data privacy and building products that make people's lives easier.

Why join TrueVault? At TrueVault, you will have the opportunity to work in arguably the most significant market opportunity of this coming decade: privacy. Plus, you'll get to build products that people use every single day.

If you want to work at a place that values "getting things done" more than "working the startup hours," talk to us. If you take pride in what you do and care about the people who use the product, you'll find people just like you here. But most importantly, if you want to work with other incredible minds and welcome the challenges of doing things that haven't been done before, then we want you to join us. If you are passionate about privacy, TrueVault is where you want to be.

Privacy Notice:

Why you should join TrueVault

TrueVault builds software tools that help businesses comply with consumer data privacy laws. We believe if businesses have access to products that make getting and staying compliant simple, straightforward, and fully automated, respecting consumers' data privacy becomes the sensible default. And we all benefit from that.

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Location:San Francisco
Jason Wang
Jason Wang