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VP, Engineering at TrueVault

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Jason Wang
Jason Wang

About the role

About TrueVault

We make software for privacy-conscious businesses. We believe if businesses have access to tools that make getting and staying compliant simple and straightforward, respecting consumers' data privacy becomes the sensible default. And we all benefit from that.

You will be joining a team that is experienced, fearless, and passionate about making an impact in the world — starting with privacy.

We believe in:

  • Minimizing waste by working iteratively and iterating on the way we work
  • Learning from our failures and building systems that don't fail the same way twice
  • Being pragmatic in our approach to design and implementation and being thoughtful about the business context of our work

About the Role

We launched TrueVault Polaris last year, and we describe it as "TurboTax for privacy laws." It helps businesses comply with data privacy laws, such as the CCPA, the GDPR, on their own.

We are hiring someone to lead (and build) the engineering team behind TrueVault Polaris. This is a broad role: you'll be hands-on and work on every part of the product's code and infrastructure, and you will hire and build up the team over time. We are looking for a technical leader and an active participant in the overall product and company direction. You'll develop a sense of ownership of the product and the company itself.

Relevant facts: Our products are written in Kotlin, React, and TypeScript.

You may be a good fit if:

  • You have built a tech team from the group up. If not, at a minimum, you are currently an experienced IC with mentoring responsibilities and are ready to lead your own dev team.
  • You have a breadth of experience in application development and infrastructure automation.
  • You have developed a philosophy on the art of balancing between moving quickly and producing quality work.
  • You enjoy working across multiple technologies to deliver pragmatic solutions quickly.
  • You want to join an entrepreneurial team where you will rapidly iterate on new product ideas.

Required skills:

  • 6+ years of professional software development experience
  • Expert knowledge in Java, .NET, or another statically typed language
  • Experience deploying and running production software

What we offer:

  • Work Remotely. (we've been 100% remote since 2017)
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth. We believe the best way to expand someone's professional horizon is to let them participate and have a say. At TrueVault, you'll have plenty of opportunities to:
    • Participate, for example, in sales, and product feedback calls to talk with customers about the product you work on
    • Ask why we do certain things a specific way and expect data-centric answers.
    • Have open-minded discussions about what's working and isn't working during our company-wide retrospectives.
  • Work/Life Balance. Work/life balance and health are important to us. To that end, we don't work "crazy startup hours," and we provide unlimited sick days and a generous PTO policy.
  • Second to None Benefits. We pay for 100% of your, your spouse's, and your children's health, vision, and dental insurance. We also encourage you to participate in our 401k and HSA plans.
  • High-Quality Codebase. Automated tests and Continuous Delivery are ways we make sure our codebase won't be nightmarish to work on.

How To Apply

Please email your resume or URL to your CV (LinkedIn, Angelist are okay) to: jobs at

Note: we are only able to review candidates who apply via the above email

Why you should join TrueVault

TrueVault builds software tools that help businesses comply with consumer data privacy laws. We believe if businesses have access to products that make getting and staying compliant simple, straightforward, and fully automated, respecting consumers' data privacy becomes the sensible default. And we all benefit from that.