AI-powered Bookkeeping and Finance Software

Founding Enterprise Customer Success

$115K - $165K
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Alex Lee
Alex Lee

About the role

Truewind is AI-powered Accounting. It gets a little overused these days—Copilot for X—but it’s the best way to describe what we’re doing. We’re building a Copilot for accountants and financial analysts, an AI assistant so powerful that you’ll become a 10x better strategic partner. We use LLMs to capture the business context that accountants and financial analysts need to tell the story behind the numbers. Finance and accounting isn’t simply numbers, it requires business context that only the operators have. This is where LLMs shine.

Current Truewind customers are unlocking efficiencies in their accounting operations and new financial insights. Out platform is used by top tier accounting firms including EisnerAmper and Rooled, as well as a hundred fast-growing businesses like Mozart Data, Start Playing, and Microverse. We are backed by leading investors including Fin Capital, Y Combinator, Thomson Reuters Ventures, and several great seed funds.

What you will be doing

Your core areas of focus will include assuming ultimate responsibility around driving gross revenue retention, increasing license activation across a book of business via a high touch engagement model, and along the way finding potential areas of opportunity for growth.

  • Have a keen eye on ensuring retention and growing usage and adoption across your book
  • Uncover key contacts willing to partner around understanding the customer’s business objectives and developing strategies to achieve those objectives via co-development of a success plan
  • Drive Truewind’s product adoption by collaborating with customers to understand their various lines of business and respective use case needs - work to devise an enablement plan
  • Identify, improve, and lead all aspects of the health status of each of your customers
  • Analyze data and use playbooks to drive both proactive and reactive engagements with the customer in the spirit of delivering impact to the customer journey
  • Become a Truewind product champion and use this knowledge to effectively guide customers towards their desired outcomes
  • Participate in internal initiatives that inform the future of the Customer Success program at Truewind

What you will need to succeed

  • 3-5+ years working as either a consultant at a professional service organization or in a Customer Success role
  • Proven experience working with large enterprise customer customers, minimum 1 year
  • Proven experience working with and influencing key decision makers (VP level and above decision makers)
  • Demonstrable experience working on complex, cross-functional projects
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment and ability to adapt to change
  • Willing and able to travel as needed
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks
  • A proactive mentality and a general curiosity to seek to understand
  • Visual Collaboration, Agile methodology, and Gainsight knowledge are a plus (not required)

Annual base salary range

$115,000—$165,000 USD

Truewind strives to ensure pay parity across the organization and discuss compensation transparently.  The expected annual base salary range for San Francisco-based candidates is above. This range is not inclusive of any potential equity packages or additional benefits. Exact compensation varies based on a variety of factors, including skills and competencies, experience, and geographical location.

In-Person in San Francisco

We are building an in-person culture in San Francisco in the heart of SoMa, 5 minute walk from the San Francisco Caltrain Station. The core leadership team will be together in San Francisco, making strategic decisions everyday to build the Copilot for Accountants. The energy is simply amazing. We believe building in-person is a 10x multiplier for the company and we hope you’ll join us in San Francisco.

About Truewind

At Truewind, our vision is a world where more startups succeed, where founders can access more variety of capital options, where every leader in an organization can access financial insights, and where investors can scale to invest in all the best companies.

Truewind modernizes the financial back-office for startups. Through a combination of intelligent software and concierge service, we deliver a delightful financial back office experience. Truewind is doing for the back-office what AWS did for computing — making it easy, scalable, and on-demand.

Truewind is a Y-Combinator company and backed by a set of fantastic set of firms, angels and our customers, including Scrum Ventures, Beat Ventures, Soma Capital. We are innovating on the financial infrastructure for private markets, building the repository for financial performance and reducing the friction to information sharing.

Team Size:12
Location:San Francisco
Tennison Chan
Tennison Chan
Alex Lee
Alex Lee