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AI for R&D of consumer brands like P&G to develop better products

Lead UI/UX Designer

Remote / Remote
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3+ years
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Ajith Govind

About the role

Our Story!

At Turing, we’re driven to build software that helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies make products that are safer, smarter, and leaner. Our platform uses data, AI, and technology that enable CPG companies to develop best-quality innovative products 10x faster. 

Simply put, we are disrupting the 120-year process of developing products. Many of the world’s leading brands use Turing to innovate new products. We’re growing quickly; new customers go on the waitlist. We’re remote-friendly, YC backed+other notable SV investors, and well-funded.

Founders have decades of domain experience and engineered top 1% ML algorithms. Read more about Turing on TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, and WSJ.

About The Role!

Our goal at Turing software is to design software that puts the user first. We want to delight our users with a 21st century software experience. We focus on ease of use, UX, and design thinking in an industry that has largely been ignored. We’re looking for a product designer who’s consumed with the desire to upgrade enterprise software. This is a chance to make your mark. 

Based on your design, the users will make high-stake decisions (generating millions). As the first product designer at Turing, you'll have the opportunity to make an outsized impact on our product, company, and target users. You'll report directly to our cofounder and work closely on the product roadmap.


  • Own all things design - from strategy to execution
  • Help design early product concepts, flesh out the workflow for the job to be done and related interactions of the features, and create high-fidelity clickable prototypes
  • Create UI element that makes the complex jobs and workflow look simple
  • Show complex data in a way that helps to make decisions or achieve the goals
  • Find new ways through design elements that fundamentally change how users get their job done - specifically encouraging those who often don't like change
  • Collaborate with engineers to get your creativity and design ideas implemented


  • At least 3+ years of experience designing cloud-based complex enterprise software
  • Must have expertise in designing a product that shows a lot of data/numbers like AI or dashboard software
  • Strong capacity to identify, analyze, describe user needs, behaviors, and usage patterns – both explicit and implicit.
  • Ability to balance systemic thinking and attention to detail
  • Ability to understand complex concepts/requirements and translate into product design UI/UX
  • You move fast, listen, and adapt. You rapidly incorporate feedback and prioritize collaboration. 

Why you should join Turing Labs Inc.

Do you want to build enterprise-grade software that uses data, ML, and solves industry-specific business problems? Read on.

From soap and shampoo to snacks and beverages, consumer products fill our homes and affect our everyday lives. But it is very hard to build a product; takes years. Not anymore, Turing, enterprise software, uses data and ML to bring speed and operational efficiency to the legacy processes.

Simply put, Turing is becoming the gold standard when it comes to configuration optimal consumer products from millions of combinations. Unlike generic ML, Turing is a domain-specific solution, resulting in exponential growth.

In Covid, our software use has skyrocketed as employees want to develop new products while staying at home.

Our customers say Turing is the fastest way to develop new products. Turing has proven to be the most accurate ML engine outperforming DIY data science software and tech giants.

Founders have decades of domain experience + expertise in top 1% ML algorithms.

Many of the world’s leading brands use Turing to innovate new products. We’re growing quickly; new customers go on the waitlist. We’re remote-friendly, YC backed+other notable SV investors, and well-funded.

We small but a team of warriors. Average employee experience is 10+years - so you are joining a team of highly-seasoned professionals. Our engineers have built large-scale enterprise-grade software for private and government sectors including NSA and homeland security.

See our coverage at TechCrunch, WSJ, Business Insider, and Forbes