AI-native operating system for analytics teams

Turntable allows less technical analysts to build their own data pipelines. Companies use our AI-native workspace to scale their analytics without hiring more engineers. If you use DBT or Airflow- or you're building out your data stack for the first time- please reach out!

Jobs at Turntable

New York, NY, US
$150K - $225K
3+ years
Team Size:3
Location:New York
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Justin Leder

Justin most recently led the Commercial Data Science team at Cruise. Previously, he worked in a variety of data, strategy, & ops roles at Cruise and McKinsey.

Justin Leder
Justin Leder

Ian Tracey

Ian is a co-founder & CTO of Turntable. Ian has spent years as a tech lead where he led the development of some of Stripe's hosted UI products and the business ML platform at Pinterest. Previously, Ian worked on autonomous drone software at Latitude and was the founder of Hack Arizona, one of the largest collegiate hackathons in the US with over 1100 hackers attending annually.

Ian Tracey
Ian Tracey

Company Launches

TL,DR: Turntable is a collaborative tool to create and manage data pipelines- built from the ground up with AI. To start, we’re focused on reducing the time and cost of transforming data within DBT, an open-source data engineering platform. Check out our first drop, DBT copilot.

🐌 Problem

Despite being one of the most important parts of a modern business, data transformation tools are often hard to use, slow, and uninspiring. Data teams spend the majority of their time finding the right data, creating pipelines, and responding to ad-hoc requests. With the added issue that recruiting data talent is difficult, data pipelines quickly become a bottleneck for product development and business learning.

⏩ Solution

Our first product is a DBT copilot that allows DBT users to do in minutes what they previously could do in hours or days. Our copilot currently supports:

  • generating or modifying DBT code
  • writing DBT schema and documentation
  • generating code for sharing DBT models in BI or visualization tools

Watch a demo of the copilot here.

In the future, you’ll see us launch more features and integrations to make it easier to find and contextualize data within your analytics codebase and collaborate with your teammates.

📚 Backstory

We’ve all either worked on data teams or have been customers of data teams that have been blocked on data pipeline work:

  • Justin led commercial data science at Cruise where he managed a team of data scientists that spent 70% of their time managing data pipelines in DBT.
  • Ian was the tech lead for growth & data engineering teams at Pinterest and Stripe, where he had to build internal tools and hacks to get around data pipeline constraints.
  • Wally led product for Twitter’s Home Timeline team, which would often be blocked on the creation of new metrics and data pipelines- slowing down product development and learning.

Together, we started Turntable because we believe that generative AI has created an opening to build a new standard for data transformation tools.

🙋 Asks

  • If your company uses DBT, reach out at team@turntable.so! (bonus: we may help you save >50% on your DBT costs 🤑).
  • If your company doesn’t use DBT, we’d love introductions to data teams at companies that do

YC Sign Photo

YC Sign Photo