Empowering anyone to build cellular network

Embedded Software Engineer at Ukama

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3+ years
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Kashif Ali
Kashif Ali

About the role

About Ukama

Who we are

Together, we will be building hardware and software for anyone to set up their own cellular network. Despite the widespread global adoption of mobile phones over the last 20 years, the cellular infrastructure required to support sustainable, secure and ease-of-use for enterprises and communities are still un-affordable and unavailable in many parts of the world.

We are a mission driven and Y-Combinator Summer 2020 company, backed by VC, with ~8 employees, working from the USA, India, Poland and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our customer profile includes enterprises, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals in the USA, DRC, Mozambique, Argentina and more.


Enable anyone to build cellular networks with ease.

About the role

Ukama design and implement 4G/5G cloud-native cellular infrastructure (hardware, stack and core) with cloud management and interconnect, basically it means a lot of fun and impactful work!. We run a complete shop; we design and manufacture the hardware, write the software for hardware, build services in the cloud and then deploy the solution with our partners and customers in the field.

And yes, we love open-source; 100% of our hardware and a significant portion of our software will be open-source!

We are seeking experienced embedded engineers for our devices. At Ukama, you will have broad authority to create, implement and deploy services on the device which will be the backbone of our core technology. You will also help us to define the technical culture of the company and be able to work very closely with the customers.

At Ukama you will:

  • Build products with global impact

  • Create well-designed drivers and micro-services with unit testing which will be running on all our products

  • Work with cellular stack (3GPP Rel.9 and beyond) on the radio access front-end, and embedded core

  • Connect the under-served and unconnected business, communities and individuals with the Internet

  • Be able to work open-source

  • Have a positive impact on company culture

Things you have done before:

  • Work on low-level system implementations such as drivers, cellular stack, kernel and embedded OS.

  • Managed testing, automation and deployment

  • Contributed to open-source project(s)

  • Been part of high performing technical teams

  • Work remotely with a team across different time zones and cultures.

Must have:

  • 3+ years experience designing and building embedded software on low-resources devices

  • Love of the hardware and embedded systems

  • Experience with system and embedded language such as C/C++

  • Knack for bench-marking and optimization

  • Opinions about testing and documentation

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Bonus to have:

  • Work on cellular stack (3GPP Rel.9 and beyond) at any level (radio, core and management).

  • Don't mind field work with customers

Empowering everyone with sustainable connectivity and the Internet is a sacred mission of our generation. Be ready for a high impact with high ownership and expectation role but we guarantee it is fun!. If this sounds exciting to you, please get in touch. We love to hear from you.

Why you should join Ukama

Ukama empowers anyone to build their own cellular network. Ukama implement end-to-end solution, hardware, software, core, billing, in cost-effective and easy to use design.

Cellular Networks traditionally have been top-down and close networks and we want to change this. We work with enterprises in the USA markets to enable them to have secure and private cellular network. We also work with ISP/entrepreneurs across the world empowering them to connect the unconnected.