Univerbal (formerly Quazel)

Univerbal (formerly Quazel)

Language learning with a conversational AI Tutor

Univerbal is a conversational language learning tool that helps people learn a language simply by talking. In unscripted and dynamic conversation users can say whatever they like into the microphone and the AI responds and carries on the conversation. Just like with a real tutor, you get corrections and explanations for any potential mistakes you might make. Try it: chat.quazel.com

Univerbal (formerly Quazel)
Team Size:3
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Philipp Hadjimina

Philipp has a deep technical background from his Computer Science undergraduate degree from ETH Zurich and his graduate research experience on NLP at UC Berkeley. Wanting to learn Greek, he took 1-1 tutoring lessons and noticed how tailoring a session based completely on the student's interest and need can drastically accelerate learning as well as be more engaging.

Samuel Bissegger

Co-founder of Quazel and master graduate in general management at HSG with a great interest for understanding markets and people. I am driven by making a meaningful business into a growth case and revolutionizing language learning through AI.

David Niederberger

Co-Founder at Quazel and enthusiastic to revolutionize language learning through NLP. Currently finishing a graduate degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich with specialization in data science and explainable AI.

Company Launches

Quazel is now Univerbal.

A brand new name, look, and features for your AI-Language Tutor.

When we launched Quazel we focused on building the best AI Language Tutor app out there.

Lots of people tried it and loved it, except everyone struggled to spell it… or find it.

Quazel makes sense in German, as a play on quasseln (to chat), but that’s about it. And, as a language learning app, we wanted to be uni…versal, after all - so we needed a name to reflect that.

Introducing - Univerbal! A brand new name, look, and feel for the AI Tutor in your pocket. With lots of new features, too.

Try it for free:

🌐 Web app (no account needed) | 🍎 Get the iOS app | 🤖 Get the Android app

The AI Tutor that helps anyone learn a language by talking freely, with no judgment, through conversations personalized to your interests.

🎙️ Talk about anything you’d like and practice with real-life scenarios
✍️ Get instant feedback from your AI Tutor

✔️ Work towards mastering language skills

💫 Generate an infinite amount of possible conversations based on your interests and skill progress

🧑‍🏫 Switch to tutor mode any time and ask questions in your known language
👩 Get a photorealistic image of your AI conversation partner
🤝 Guided beginner mode

Of course, Quazel OGs get a badge!

👋 Ask:

  • We need your input: How much gamification do you think we should add? On the one hand, we don’t want to become a “game” and a Tutor lesson is always a “hard” thing and kind of exhausting, but there is some balance to be struck there. Thoughts?
  • Try it here and leave us feedback
  • Join us on Discord) or follow us on social
  • Spread the word to other language lovers

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Company Photo

Company Photo

Selected answers from Univerbal (formerly Quazel)'s original YC application for the W23 Batch

Describe what your company does in 50 characters or less.

Conversational language practice by talking to AI

What is your company going to make? Please describe your product and what it does or will do.

It's a language learner chatbot app that teaches people conversational fluency in a foreign language. In dynamic and unscripted conversations with an LLM-based AI users can practice their language skills. Learners record themselves saying something and the AI responds in turn, just like in a conversation with a human.

With the scene builder, learners can customize what they want to talk about by filling in the blanks: "I want to talk about CHESS with A GRAND MASTER in A HOTEL LOBBY while roleplaying A NOVICE CHESSPLAYER". Thus learners can exactly tailor the scene to their desires.

We also offer predefined scenes which focus on different areas of vocabulary useful to learners (e.g. getting to know someone, public transportation, etc). Additionally, in every scene, users can analyze the grammar of their responses or use hints to help them out when they get stuck.

Obviously, there is more to it but it's easiest if you just try our beta yourself at talk.quazel.com