Connecting low-income HS students with free, 24/7 online tutoring

Mobile Engineer at UPchieve

$75k - $125k
Brooklyn, NY / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Aly Murray
Aly Murray

About the role

The Organization

UPchieve is an ed-tech nonprofit (YC W21) that is working to democratize access to academic support. We provide free, online tutoring and college counseling to low-income HS students across the US. (You can learn more about our mission here.) We’re also growing fast: last year we 100x’ed the number of weekly sessions happening on our platform (from 10/week to over 1,000/week)!

The Role

As a Mobile Engineer, you’ll build our mobile app from scratch, and be its owner moving forward, while collaborating with our full-stack devs on mobile and frontend/backend development. You’ll help define our product by participating in our product management process, and be a mentor to other developers. You’ll work with:

  • React Native
  • Websockets
  • Node.js and TypeScript
  • MongoDB
  • Mobile tools you recommend

The Team

You’ll be joining a diverse group of people passionate about using technology for social justice. “Diverse” isn’t a buzz-word for us, it’s a core value. We are female-founded, and ⅔ of our team are people of color. We were originally based in Brooklyn, NY, but at the onset of COVID became a remote-first organization and are working really well that way! We now have team members in New York, Denver, and the Bay Area.

We’re an education-oriented team and helping each other develop professionally and personally is a priority. You’ll be the fourth member of the engineering team, which currently has one Senior and two Junior engineers. We’re looking for a mobile specialist, because we know mobile dev and deployment can be a different beast that requires specialized knowledge, but who doesn’t mind generalizing when needed: we’re a startup after all!

Within 1 Month, You’ll:

  • Get on-boarded by our team so you understand our relationships with students, volunteers and corporate partners.
  • See what the tutoring experience is like by reviewing a session.
  • Work with our product manager and UI/UX designer on the specs for the mobile app.
  • Work with the CTO on choosing tooling for the mobile deployment and monitoring.

Within 3 Months, You’ll:

  • Prepare to ship the MVP of our new mobile app.
  • Code review contributions from our open source community.

Within 6 Months, You’ll:

  • Add new features to the mobile app to bring feature parity with our web application.
  • Mentor developers more junior than you on their career and skill growth.
  • Assist with architecture and development of the web application as we add features new to all platforms.

Within 12 Months, You’ll:

  • Contribute to strategic decisions for the product and engineering teams.

Who We're Looking For

We’re a small team taking on the monumental challenge of democratizing access to academic support. That means we need team members who are excited by autonomy and willing to work on projects outside the scope of their job description if needed. Regardless of role, we also look for candidates who have a personal connection to our cause or a demonstrable interest in education or serving low-income populations.

The Skillset

  • You know what it takes to deploy and maintain a mobile app on Android and/or iOS. Crash analytics, optimization/design for phones and tablets, push notifications, and the Play/App store publishing processes are things you can just execute.
  • You have worked with, or are interested in working with, React Native. We don’t want you to be on an island; for our other developers to help you or you to help with the SPA/server, we need to be working in TypeScript across our stacks.


We strongly believe that nonprofit professionals deserve to be paid the same as their for-profit peers, and our eventual goal is to pay a competitive market rate for all roles. In 2021, given our small size and impact to-date, we are paying most employees between 90-100% of their market rate, but no one on our team makes more than $100K (including the CEO and CTO). We can pay up to $125K for this role if necessary, and we plan to gradually raise the salary cap on all roles as we prove our ability to scale and positively impact the lives of low-income students across the country. If taking a pay cut isn’t an option for you currently, we would still love to meet you in case something changes in the future!

Other Limitations

Right now we can only hire people eligible for employment in the United States, who reside in one of the 50 states. We can't sponsor visas or hire US citizens who live outside the US.

How to Apply

Please ONLY apply through this page: https://upchieve.welcomekit.co/

Why you should join UPchieve

UPchieve is an edtech nonprofit that provides free, 24/7 online tutoring to low-income HS students. Using our app, students can request and get paired with a live, volunteer tutor in under 5 minutes. We’re one of only two edtech nonprofits to have ever been funded by Y Combinator. We’re also growing fast: last year we 100x’ed the number of weekly sessions happening on our platform (from 10/week to over 1,000/week)! Learn more about our mission to democratize access to academic support here.