Marketing analytics for the world's biggest brand marketers

Backend Software Engineer at Upwave

$125k - $200k / 0.02% - 0.03%
San francisco, CA
Job Type
1+ years
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About the role

About Us

We’re bringing market research into the modern world and providing our Fortune 100 clients with the only effective way to plan, measure, and optimize the hundreds of millions of dollars they spend on marketing each year.

We use techniques from distributed systems to categorical statistics to machine learning to data visualization to deliver valuable insights to our clients. Our data pipeline scales into the hundreds of billions with a Kubernetes-powered architecture to allow our clients to do research based on online actions.

You’ll help set up our systems for the growth to come. No matter the project, you’ll jump in with both feet, architecting it just enough to deliver working software in the short term while keeping our systems easy to evolve and extend. You’ll focus on our distributed systems and data pipeline.

About You

  • You get excited about hundreds of billions of events and many terabytes of data
  • You’ve built big systems that drive a business
  • Distributed systems idempotence excites you
  • You understand that your software runs on computers (but you architect things so you spend the minimum amount of time possible thinking about that)
  • You’ve used a lot of AWS services. You love some, are frustrated by others, and can’t wait to try the next one
  • You either have experience with the likes of Spark, EMR, and Hadoop, or you’ve read a ton about them and are dying to get your hands dirty
  • You thrive on the energy of operating in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup atmosphere

Why you should join Upwave

Upwave is the Brand Intelligence Platform. We make brand marketing more impactful. Upwave plans, measures, and optimizes brand marketing. With our Brand Campaign Measurement and Instant Insights products, we provide a software & data platform to the world’s largest brand marketers. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals - including CPG, food & beverage, consumer technology & telecom, and financial services - as well as the world’s largest advertising agencies and media platforms. We are unapologetically supportive of brand advertising, and work hard every day to prove its value; we know if companies can measure the value of those dollars, they’ll spend more. Brand advertising pays for not only the movies we watch and music we hear, but the journalism we read and the information we access. In short, brand advertising supports the free flow of information through society. So, we’re proud to be the first company dedicated to using data science to show enterprises the true effectiveness of their brand spend. We are backed by leading venture investors (Y Combinator, Uncork Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Initialized Capital, PivotNorth, Ridge Ventures, Industry Ventures, Conductive Ventures,) and leading MarTech founders & CEOs. We’re a humble but ambitious team that takes its work seriously but never ourselves. Come join us.