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Founding Engineer - Backend / ML

$140K - $200K / 0.40% - 1.20%
New York, NY, US / San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma

About the role

What it means to be a founding engineer

Joining Vellum this early means that you’re going to play a huge part in guiding both the technical and cultural evolution of the company. Together, we’re going to face the hardest technical challenges this journey has to offer head on. As the team grows, you’ll be the battle hardened expert that everyone looks towards for guidance.

With great power comes great responsibility 🙂

What you’re signing up for

  • Tackling our most difficult (and interesting) problems - fine-tuning open source models, search, prompt tuning, and multimodality, just to name a few
  • Keeping your ear to the ground so we know which advancements are worth incorporating and which ones we can safely ignore
  • Leveraging your ML expertise to help customers achieve great results
  • Owning our most important ML systems
  • Defining and scoping green field projects that move the company forward
  • Working closely with customers to understand what the need, figuring out how to make them successful, and owning the solutions end to end
  • Serving as a cultural pillar of the team

Our stack

In case you’re curious:

  • Google Cloud Platform - as our cloud provider
  • Postgres - as our primary database
  • Python - what we write our backend in
  • Django - for our webservers
  • Flask - for our microservices
  • Typescript - what we write our frontend in
  • React - as our frontend framework

Working at Vellum

  • We’re laser focused on helping companies bring AI into production and providing real value. Decision making is simple: if what we do allows our users to increase how many use cases of AI they’re able to successfully put into production, then we do it!
  • Don’t cut corners, cut the right corners. What can you do with 10% of your time to get 90% of the desired impact? Now that you only spent 10% of the time doing something, imagine how much more can be done with the rest of your time!!
  • Everyone is a 1000x engineer/designer/pm when they’re passionate about the problems they’re solving and love the people they’re working with
  • Because we trust each other, we can move fast and have fun doing it 😄

About Vellum

At Vellum, our mission is to be the primary platform companies use to bring AI into production. AI is the biggest platform shift since the internet, the applications are everywhere! With foundation models getting better we expect the world to be dramatically different in the future. We intend to be the platform layer to bring this amazing technology to life in production use cases.

We enable companies to bring real business value from AI / LLMs. The output generated by AI / LLMs is usually stochastic and bringing AI into production requires robust testing and choosing the right model for the job. We’ve seen companies spend weeks of engineering time building good tooling for this (time which could be spent on their core end user facing product) and despite this they struggle to get the best results out of these models. Our platform provides companies best in class tooling to use their own data in production AI applications.

We launched 3 months ago, have 30 paying customers and a waitlist of over 600 users. We’re a YC company and backed by top investors like Rebel Fund, Arash Ferdowsi (co-founder of Dropbox), Dharmesh Shah (co-founder of Hubspot), Dan Scholnick (board member of Weights & Biases, Docker, New Relic), and Divya Bhat (former YC group partner, 2x CEO). Here’s our Hacker News launch post:

We’re excited to bring on the first few new members to the team. The initial team will play a key role in the long term growth of the company.

P.S: Why the name Vellum?

  • Vellum is a type of paper - the Magna Carta was written on Vellum. We intend to be the standard source of record in production
  • You can’t spell Vellum without LLM 😉
Team Size:3
Noa Flaherty
Noa Flaherty
Sidd Seethepalli
Sidd Seethepalli
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma