Version Story

Git for lawyers

Version Story (YC W21) hiring founding engineer to build Git + Figma for Documents

$90K - $160K / 0.50% - 1.00%
New York, NY
Job Type
3+ years
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Jordan Bryan
Jordan Bryan

About the role

Version Story (YC W21) is hiring a founding engineer to build Git + Figma for documents.


As a founding engineer, we'd expect you to,

  • Ship and own features.
  • Assist in designing scalable architecture for our platform.
  • Establish design patterns, style conventions, and other habits to set the tone of our engineering culture as we scale.
  • Talk to customers.


  • 3+ years of work experience.
  • You are a clear and effective communicator.
  • You are intellectually curious.
  • You are creative and are eager to contribute your ideas to our engineering strategy, product vision, etc.
  • Bonus points if you have experience in the following technologies. Experience is not required, however, so long as you're willing to learn:
    • Python + Flask
    • TypeScript + React
    • Java
    • AWS - S3, DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda
    • Serverless Framework

About Version Story

Version Story is building “Git meets Figma” for documents.

What would happen to your productivity if, tomorrow, you couldn't use Git? Instead, you need to email your updated source code to your colleagues each time you make a change. If someone on your team emails their changes before you do, you need to manually rebase.

Lawyers, scientists, journalists, and writers are just some of the professions that lack sophisticated collaboration software. Version Story is fixing that. We're creating a platform for professionals to seamlessly collaborate with each other in a way that integrates with their existing tools. Our platform combines the power of Git's branch-based version control with elegance of Figma's collaborative canvas UI.

Version Story
Team Size:2
Location:New York
Jordan Bryan
Jordan Bryan
Kevin O'Connell
Kevin O'Connell