Helping developers connect the world with magical conversational AI.

Founding Business Development Manager

$120K - $190K / 0.15% - 0.35%
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (CA, US; NV, US; UT, US; WA, US)
Job Type
6+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Kian Hooshmand
Kian Hooshmand

About the role

About Vocode

🎯 Our Mission

Vocode is empowering developers to connect the world with magical conversational AI experiences. Today, our open source and hosted APIs are relied upon by thousands of engineers and organizations to create scalable, performant conversational AI agents operating on the front lines of myriad business cases: multilingual customer support, appointment scheduling, identity verification, lead qualification, and much more.

📈 Our Progress

Since graduating from YC (W23), we’ve:

  1. Raised $3.25m from great investors: Base10, Google Ventures, Gradient, Accel, and angels like Amjad Masad (Replit), Avlok Kohli (AngelList), and Siqi Chen (Runway),
  2. Validated product/market fit, with dozens of enterprise customers scaling deployments in production and paying us real $,
  3. Begun to assemble an amazing team of highly technical folks to build a company together, with early hires from Apple, Brex, Stripe, and beyond.

🫱🏽‍🫲🏼 Our Ways of Working

At Vocode we are deliberate and intentional about the company we’re working to build. We want to foster an environment of autonomy, kindness, curiosity, and achievement, but we’re not expecting to commission a fluorescent “BE CURIOUS” sign for the wall of our office any time soon. Here are some things which we know really matter to us:

  1. We try to write things down We find that the act of writing something down – the scope of a project, a problem we’re facing, an update for the whole company – helps us to be clear in our thinking, and enables us to share context around our team without lots of meetings and talking.
  2. We try to default to trust This goes further than just “you’ll get a Brex card” – from day one you will be plugged in to the same context as everyone else on our team, and we’ll trust you to help us interpret it and set your own direction. (We also recognize that, like everyone, you’ll get things wrong – and we’ll trust you to help the company grow when that happens.)
  3. We seek clarity in communication Writing things down helps, but we also love impeccable agreements, having directly responsible individuals (even for work which is cross-functional), and generally investing the extra 10% which means everyone is unambiguously clear on what’s going on and what it means for them.

About the Founding Business Development Manager Role

🏆 Mission of the Founding Business Development Manager

The mission of the Founding Business Development Manager is to take ownership of Vocode’s sales pipeline and dealflow, driving deals to completion, and working alongside ops leadership to build a high performance sales team.

🤹🏽‍♀️ Profile & Experience

  • 5+ years of experience working in a senior business development role:
    • You likely still have, or have recently had, a personal quota to fill alongside driving your team to target,
    • You have contributed to commercial and strategic decision-making within GTM / new business,
    • Bonus: you previously worked in an unrelated role outside of sales (e.g. management consultant, startup founder) before moving into sales,
    • Bigger Bonus: you were an early hire in a seed/Series A sales organization which grew rapidly, even if you were narrowly scoped as an IC.
  • You are widely recognized as an exceptionally strong performer with a high ceiling:
    • Leadership seeks you out in clutch moments (high stakes sales, new initiatives, turning around a bad month),
    • Functional peers proactively seek you as a savant in some area, no matter how narrow,
    • Cross-functional peers consider you to be an outstanding performer in your role,
  • Demonstrable experience building and nurturing a pipeline from lead through to won business, either end-to-end or narrowly focused on origination, solution selling, or closing (i.e. you are a strong individual contributor, not a manager or leader),
  • Strong understanding of enterprise sales: timelines, stakeholders, and approaches to managing both to successful outcomes,
  • Demonstrable ability working alongside and selling to deeply technical stakeholders:
    • You understand how to build credibility and trust without misrepresenting your domain expertise,
    • Can point to times when you have had to self-start your own education on technical topics in order to maximize your performance in a role.
  • Comfort with at least one CRM (e.g. Pipedrive), power outreach tool (e.g. Mailchimp, Outreach.io), and deeply opinionated on which ones you love and loathe,
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication, and – of course – exceptional needs-based and solution sales fundamentals.

🪢 Real Things You’ll Do

Here are some real examples of the sort of work you might expect to do in this role:

  • Take over active customer conversations

    We have a lot of pent up demand: conversations we’ve left on read (politely), SMEs seeking guidance on commercials, and big enterprise customers requiring significant time investment. We’ll warmly hand over these conversations to you virtually immediately, and support you as you ramp up to full autonomy.

  • Prioritize our next new market

    We co-develop use cases for AI with customers, and (where permitted by exclusivity) transpose fully developed mechanics (e.g. “inbound first line customer support”, “consumer lead qualification”) into new verticals. You’ll help to prioritize the markets we launch in, and develop the profiles of customers you want to connect with.

  • Begin to build our sales collateral

    Standard terms. Rate card. Case studies. Objection handling. Onboarding requests. We didn’t get to any of it yet, and as you solve these areas for your own individual contributions, we’ll empower you to do so in a way which helps lay rails for future members of the team and the wider company as a whole.

About Vocode

Vocode is building the future of voice interfaces on top of language models.

Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Kian Hooshmand
Kian Hooshmand
Ajay Raj
Ajay Raj