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Jobs at Vooma

San Francisco, CA, US
$100K - $200K
3+ years

Why you should join Vooma

We're building the AI Agent for logistics

The first "skill" we built for the Vooma Agent automates order entry from shippers, which is the process of reading emails and keying in details about a load. It's a ubiquitous and expensive pain point for brokers and carriers, and the perfect wedge for building our broader platform.

The second skill we launched automates quoting. For every truckload that our customers move, they quote on many more, often by email. By embedding in a user's email inbox, Vooma is able to automate most of the quoting process, and surface critical funnel data that has historically been hidden in thousands of emails.

We've raised our seed round from Tier 1 investors and leading industry angels. We have enterprise contracts with leading logistics companies. Our team is made up of top talent from AI research and autonomous vehicles.

Our team

Vooma is founded by Jesse Buckingham and Mike Carter. Mike built self driving trucks as a founding engineer at Kodiak Robotics (raised $250M) where he established and led their motion planning and safety teams. Jesse was previously CEO at a private equity backed logistics software company that sold to brokers and truckers which he grew from $2M to $20M+ ARR.

Our values

  • Aim High
  • Action Over Thinking
  • Full Force, Sharp Arrow
  • Long Term Games, With Long Term People
  • Tag, You’re It
  • Embrace Candor
  • Float Like A Butterfly
  • Get Your Hands Dirty
  • We’re A Business
  • All-Star Team
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Jesse Buckingham
Jesse Buckingham
Mike Carter
Mike Carter