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Software Engineer - Applied Science

Redwood City, CA / Remote
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Any (new grads ok)
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Chirath Neranjena
Chirath Neranjena

About the role

About The Role

The Vorticity software team is looking for highly capable software engineers with a passion for science and math to contribute to our software applications team. Candidates for this role need to demonstrate they can take a system level approach to internal software validation and enablement of external customers.

A successful candidate in this role will be an expert user of the software stack used to run Vorticity workloads. We are searching for someone who could unblock customers through customized solutions and driving engineering to implement the most impactful features. This involves bridging the gap between user requirements and matching to the existing software capabilities of the Vorticity software stack. The successful candidate will work closely with software engineering development teams on tools specification, documentation, and expert user guidance on the next-gen features of the software tool set.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in computer or applied science.
  • Actively explore innovative and new methodologies to improve customer ease of use
  • Deep diving on critical tool issues seen by customers to identify workarounds and future enhancements
  • Drive engineering to implement most impactful features by providing expert user guidance and a customer-centric mindset
  • Drive technical specifications and architecture/design specs
  • Take part in early feature QA and provide constant feedback to engineering for software quality and usability
  • Be an expert user of the Vorticity software stack – the go-to person to guide and educate external (customers) and internal (engineering) individuals
  • Author high quality documentation for both internal engineers and external users of Vorticity solutions.
  • Experience with interfacing with customers to collect software requirements and enabling customers through workaround custom solutions
  • Must be an extremely capable communicator who can explain technical content to a wide range of external customers and internal engineers
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages such as Python

Preferred Skills

  • Strong software testing experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge of UNIX/Linux environments
  • Knowledge of neural network architecture and ML/AI deep learning principles
  • Prior experience in designing and developing HW systems involving ASICs/FPGAs and/or GPUs.
  • Understanding of fundamental considerations of building hardware in development and volume production stages
  • Excellent working knowledge of HPC workloads and through direct experience running models on a CPU/GPU/FPGA or other accelerator.

Why you should join Vorticity

As passionate scientists and engineers, we are well aware of the plethora of critical problems in the world that cannot be solved because humanity simply does not have enough computing power. To address this, Vorticity is developing a radically new silicon chip architecture and system to dramatically accelerate scientific computing problems.

Vorticity’s mission is to expand human ingenuity. To do that we are building a team of exceptional people to work together on big problems. Join us!

Team Size:5
Location:Redwood City, CA
Chirath Neranjena
Chirath Neranjena