Authorization and access control as a service.

Warrant is an open source authorization service that helps developers implement and enforce access control in their applications. Warrant serves as a dedicated, centralized platform for handling user authorization and access control so engineering teams can focus on building their core products.

Team Size:3
Location:Los Angeles, CA

Active Founders

Aditya Kajla

Co-Founder at Warrant. Previously built products & infra at Lyft, Medallia and Yahoo.

Aditya Kajla
Aditya Kajla

Karan Kajla

Co-Founder at Warrant. Previously built product and analytics platforms at AppLovin & AppFolio. Music producer and guitar enthusiast.

Karan Kajla
Karan Kajla

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We’re Aditya and Karan! 👋

Warrant is an open source authorization service that helps developers implement and enforce secure, compliant access control in their applications. It abstracts away the complexity of building application authorization and access control so developers can instead focus on building core product features.

Our cloud-first, API-first approach has enabled us to build a highly-scalable and performant service that now processes millions of customer API calls per month. Today, we’re excited to announce that Warrant is officially open source! ⭐️

The Problem

Developers, we’ve all been there. What started as a simple isAdmin flag to distinguish between internal and external users — just so you could release that one internal-only feature — has grown into a nightmare to maintain. It’s now a hodgepodge of booleans, database flags, and a halfway built role based access control system that not only slows down your team’s day-to-day development velocity, but also opens up your company to a slew of costly security vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited.

What’s more? Your customers are now requesting the ability to self-manage their team’s roles and permissions, so you’ll be spending another 1-2 months building the APIs, UIs, etc. for this risky, non-differentiating feature.

In short, application authorization and access control is difficult to build and even trickier to maintain as a company’s product evolves and its needs change.

The Solution

To help developers quickly build world-class access control, Warrant provides three things:
(1) A centralized datastore for storing your application’s authorization policies and related data. Warrant’s management dashboard and APIs make it dead-simple to safely modify authorization policies globally or for a single user or tenant in real-time. With Warrant, updating policies for all users as your product changes becomes a breeze.

(2) A real-time, low latency access control service for enforcing authorization policies in your application at runtime. With official Warrant SDKs available for the most popular server-side languages and frontend frameworks, checking if a user has access becomes as easy as a call to Warrant’s check method.

(3) A library of thoughtfully designed, authorization-specific UI components that help with building self-service permission management flows, granting/denying access to privileged pages/UIs, displaying audit logs to users, and more. These components are customizable and permission-aware, so developers can drop them into any application.

What’s Next?

Join us on our journey to solve authorization and access control for all developers:

  • Give us a 🌟 on GitHub and tell us what you’d like us to build next
  • Give us a follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest Warrant features
  • Come discuss everything authz/access control in our Slack community
  • Try out our managed cloud service, Warrant Cloud