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Senior Account Manager

$70k - $80k
San Francisco
Job Type
1+ years
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About the role

Wefunder is like Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. We're the largest funding platform that helps normal people make investments in startups they love. Over the past few years, we've helped fund over 900 startups with $450M+ including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and cancer cures.

As we've increased the number of companies we've worked with, we've found it harder to give these founders the attention they deserve. We're looking for someone who looks forward to get up in the morning, every day, to help founders achieve their goals and move their campaigns forward.

Every day, you will get to interact with super motivated people trying to create businesses and improve the world in some specific way. It's often inspiring, and you'll learn a lot about different kinds of businesses. For instance, on trips across the country, we toured a bicycle factory, watched whiskey being made, learned about the economics of cheese farming, saw a drone being assembled, and shared drinks with actors in a live theater production.

Location: Wefunder HQ is in San Francisco. We will generally prefer candidates who live in the SF Bay Area or want to relocate.


Our dream candidate is hyper-organized, resourceful, and truly enjoys helping founders – even when they have silly questions or demands.

Hundreds of founders are currently in the process of launching a fundraising campaign on Wefunder. Setting up a fundraise is a complex operation with lots of details and tasks to track. You will be the main driver of moving each campaign forward. You must be able to prioritize who needs the most help, proactively reach out to offer guidance, and then solve any roadblocks.

But most importantly, you should always have empathy for the founders you speak with. This is often the most important thing going in their entire lives – a make or break moment for their company. If you get a panicked call at 8pm for a problem that at first blush seems a little insignificant, that's why. Your job is to put them at ease – you've got them covered.


You are the first call founder's make when they have a question or issue. You also proactively reach out when it looks like they could use some extra help. You are responsible for making sure founders are not just satisfied, but ecstatic. Founders are our most important evangelists, so making sure they have a great experience is paramount.

  • Prioritize launch pipeline. There are over a hundred founders preparing to fundraise on Wefunder now. This requires preparing some complicated disclosures called a “Form C”, creating their fundraising profile, and planning a campaign launch. You will have a broad overview of the tasks that need to be completed in order to launch a company. You must have the good judgment to proactively reach out to help founders get over the finish line if they look stuck.

  • Learn the details. You'll be more effective at your job over time, as you learn the answers to questions without having to ask the rest of the team. For instance, you'll end up learning a lot about securities law - within a few months, you should know what a Form C is, and how to prepare about 80% of it.

  • Coordinate with sales, storytelling, operations, and engineering. Founders will ask you questions or to do things that you will not have the ability to answer or do yourself. You will be the “switch board” that coordinates the founders with the rest of the team.

  • Be super available on email or the phone. When founders who are in the final stages of prepping a campaign email or call you, they expect a response very quickly. It's the most important thing in their lives at that moment. The little touches. Your prime directive is to make founders happy. This also includes little touches that brighten up their day. For instance, you will be in charge of sending out a gift box when they hit their funding target.

  • Summarize founder feedback. You'll receive hundreds of requests and suggestions. It's your job to summarize this feedback, so the product team can prioritize what is most important.

  • Advocate for founders. We can't do everything that founders ask for - sometimes we have to say no. Sometimes we don't have enough time in the day, sometimes our duty to investors takes priority. But it's your job within the company to advocate for founders forcibly, and then communicate back to them what they can expect.

  • Inbound founder support. You'll often do first-pass screening on companies that want to raise on Wefunder. You'll talk to the founders, learn about their business, and make a judgment on whether crowdfunding is a good fit.


We're more concerned with your drive and hunger than your experience. We invest in potential. If you are a quick learner and super-motivated, we'll help teach you.

Here are some skills we think are important:

  • Strong people skills. You should have a talent for making people feel instantly comfortable, heard, and understood.
  • Organization and attention to detail. It's important that no balls get dropped when dealing with dozens of founders.
  • Prioritize efficiently. You'll be juggling a thousand things at once. Be able to recognize which tasks are most important and get those done.
  • Learn quickly. There are tons of details to learn; securities regulations are quite complex and things change fast around here. You must be able to absorb and retain a lot of facts quickly; we don't like answering the same question three times and it's up to you to seek out information if you need it.
  • Communicate effectively. A lot of complicated information needs to be passed back and forth between the founders and our team. You'll need to get information to where it needs to go and to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Resourceful. This is a tough job with challenging problems -- coordination, communication and figuring out how to get things done effectively is not going to be easy. But if you love being scrappy and rising to the challenge, we're looking for you.
  • Responsible & accountable. If you say you will do it, you do it.


  • Market-rate salaries and stock options, scaling with experience.
  • Unlimited vacation days (mandatory 3 weeks off).Medical, dental, & vision insurance.
  • 401(k) with company match.
  • All-expense paid Wefunder vacation. We’ve taken three train trips across the country, and our next one will be across the EU.
  • Equipment of your choice.
  • Lots of free food and drinks.
  • Reimbursement for classes and conferences.


Email nick (atwefunder.com) with why you'd like to work for us. Brownie points: include a survival skill you'd offer the team in a post-apocalyptic world.


On May 16, 2016, it became legal for regular people to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses. Since then, we have become the largest equity crowdfunding platform. We've helped hundreds of startups and small businesses – including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and potential Ebola cures – raise millions of dollars.

We're a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to revitalize capitalism and keep the American dream alive. GDP growth is slowing. Wealth inequality is increasing. Entrepreneurship is dying across America; falling from 10.6% to 3.6% among those under 30 since 1989. We're reversing these trends by funding more deserving businesses across all of America, not solely tech startups in Silicon Valley.

Want to help? Join us! We're a team of founder types: enjoy autonomy, responsibility, the opportunity to learn, and no red tape. Just make it happen.

Wefunder's story: https://wefunder.com/wefunder

Our Public Benefit Corp mission: https://wefunder.com/charter

Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

Why you should join Wefunder

We're the Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. We allow everyone to invest $100 in a startup they love.

Over the past five years, we've helped fund 826 startups with $362,349,253 – including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and potential Ebola cures.

We’re now doubling the size of our team to handle the growth. Trying to keep up!

We’re also a public benefit corporation with a mission of saving the American Dream (https://wefunder.com/charter). Our aim is to sprinkle the Silicon Valley fairy dust across the rest of the country, which often don’t have the same opportunities we take for granted.

Team Size:75
Location:San Francisco
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Greg Belote
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