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Head of Community

$80K - $150K / 0.07% - 0.10%
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Any (new grads ok)
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About the role

We’ve acquired a 25,000sqft space in the heart of the Mission that we’re turning into a social hub for creators and builders. We’re looking for a Head of Community to help make it come alive.

Head of Community isn’t a perfect title. We’re really looking for a cross between a Chief Recruiter of Interesting People and a French Salon Host. Feel free to suggest a better title for the job!

Whatever we call it, your role will be to help create a “third place” that feels like a home for creators and builders in San Francisco. Our placeholder name is Vortex. We’re envisioning it a modern-day Masonic Lodge crossed with a peer-to-peer version of Y Combinator. A place where we are surrounded by talented people, where we can help each other reach our potential.

Some things you could be doing

The crux is curating good humans and inviting them to events that forge bonds between them.

  • Seek out interesting people. Who we invite to our community will make or break it. You’ll seek out like-minded souls - those that want to help others - and invite them to our events.
  • Run s’more club. Once a week, we invite a dozen aspiring s’more makers to talk about life over a campfire. You’ll help organize it.
  • Plan other unique events. We have 25,000 sqft of event space to work with. We’re not looking for ‘normal’ networking stuff. You’ll use your creativity to think of more unique events - large and small - that can bring people together. Past examples: Masquerade Ball, Dark Academia Party, S’more Club, Lunch & Learn, Reading Club, Startup Deathmatch Laser Tag.
  • Host intimate dinners. Offering to feed people is a great way to get to know nearly anyone!
  • Help design the physical space. You can collaborate with architects to help design the social space, choose furniture, and work with artists on interior design.
  • A tiny bit of grunt ‘office manager’ work. We all have to do some “not-fun” work to keep the trains running.

Who we’re looking for

The perfect candidate is a mix of Sophie de Condorcet and Professor Indiana Jones.

  • Good taste in humans. You can spot good humans with potential and ambition. You don’t need credentials to judge them and you’re allergic to status-seeking bullshit artists.
  • Insatiably curious. You love learning for learnings sake. You are curious about people, their dreams, and the subjects that excite them.
  • A natural matchmaker. You enjoy connecting people who can help each other. Maybe they’ll get married; maybe they’ll start a company; maybe they’ll do an art project together.
  • Likable. You have a talent for making people feel at ease. You bring out the best in those around you. People naturally like you. When you are around, people smile more often.
  • Bridge to different worlds. The world is more than just tech. You also enjoy talking to artists, writers, designers, and other creators.

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive base salary + stock in Wefunder (the parent company)
  • Bonus when you help someone get married, find a cofounder, or get a job.
  • Unlimited vacation days. Mandatory 3 weeks off.
  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance.
  • Apple equipment. Whatever you need.
  • Classes & conferences. If you can learn something useful, we'll pay for it.

To Apply

Email Nick at nick[at]wefunder.com with why you’d like the job. We can partly customize the role based on your interests. What would you do with it? What kind of people do you enjoy being around? How should we find them?

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