Open-source platform to turn scripts into internal apps & workflows

Windmill is an open-source developer platform to quickly build production-grade multi-step internal apps, workflows and integrations from minimal Python and Typescript scripts. Open-source alternative to Airplane and Pipedream. Simplified temporal with automatic app generation. Usable as a self-hosted AWS Lambda. Sync your scripts from your github repo or write them directly on Windmill, have them be converted to apps and no-code modules automatically. Use those apps as standalone or, build powerful flows using either those scripts or scripts made by the community on hub.windmill.dev. The experience is similar to no-code tools except that at any point, any module can have its code inspected and tweaked. Leveraging the open-source community, we will build an exhaustive library of scripts for all apis and generic tasks. You may also wrap Windmill with your own frontend to provide automation as a feature on top of your own SaaS. Focus on your business logic for all kind of flows, Windmill is the platform to build, share and run them.

Jobs at Windmill

Paris, France / Remote (US)
$60K - $120K
0.40% - 1.00%
1+ years

Company Launches

Windmill: Turn scripts into internal apps and workflows

Fully open-source developer platform to turn any python, typescript, SQL into internal apps, integrations and workflows
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Team Size:3
Location:Paris, France

Active Founders

Ruben Fiszel

Ruben was top of his class MSc in CS at EPFL, did research on compilers from Scala to Hardware at Stanford, built the first open-source library for reinforcement learning for Java, , built distributed systems at scale at Palantir and ran the engineering team at a Multi-Party Computation startup. He is now building Windmill, an open-source alternative to Retool, Pipedream, Airplane that contains the infra to run it and that you can deploy at scale.

Ruben Fiszel
Ruben Fiszel