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Part-time Patient Educator at Wyndly

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Aakash Shah
Aakash Shah

About the role

Wyndly is hiring for a part-time patient education role

What is the role and responsibilities?

You will fulfill a patient education role. Specifically, you will work with the CEO and Chief Medical Officer to turn highly technical medical information into understandable, educational content. Then, you will publish this content to our blog and other public channels. You can see examples of this already on our Youtube channel. Then, you will see what's resonating with patients and craft a patient education strategy with the Chief Medical Officer.

An exceptional candidate will have familiarity with Youtube, a blogging platform, Canva, and the Google Suite.

This is an hourly position with an expected 5-8 hours per week with compensation between $15-20/hr

How will this role set me up for success in the future?

This role provides hands-on experience with a telehealth brand. Telehealth is the future of medicine. Companies like Roman Health and Modern Fertility have demonstrated that increasing access to primary care works. Cerebral and Curology also demonstrate that mental health and dermatology are fits for telehealth.

Wyndly represents an opportunity to change allergy care in America forever. At Wyndly, we believe that better connections lead to better care, and we’re committed to making both happen at every step of the patient journey. Our allergy practice allows our patients to work with expert providers to develop personalized treatment plans for long-term allergy relief using clinically proven therapies. From a patient’s initial consultation to their final treatment delivery, we want the Wyndly experience to be a breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers – truly effective allergy relief, simply and efficiently delivered.

For students with an aspiration for medicine, you'll work with Dr. Manan Shah, Wyndly Chief Medical Officer, and an nationally influential ENT. He hosts the Academy of ENT's podcast!

How do I apply?

Send an email to Aakash at wyndly dot com. Include the following:

  • A short blurb on why you're a good fit for this position
  • Your resume

Why you should join Wyndly

What is Wyndly?

Wyndly (YC W21) cures allergies by training patients body’s to ignore their allergy triggers. Frustrated allergy suffers come to us when they no longer want to deal with pills and sprays. We send them an at-home allergy test which allows us to identify the patient’s allergy profile. With this profile, we create a personalized treatment plan that includes allergy drops that fit the patient’s profile. Specifically, Wyndly is increasing access to sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergy care. We provide patients access to at-home allergy testing, telemedical visits with physicians, and personalized sublingual drops delivered to their home. Wyndly only treats environmental allergies like pollen, pets, and dust.

You can read more about us in Techcrunch.