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Series A Program Manager at Y Combinator

San Francisco / Remote
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3+ years
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About the role

YC Continuity’s Program Manager will lead a program that helps founders successfully raise their Series A. This is a special role for someone passionate about building scalable programs, products and services for early-stage founders.

YC Continuity is Y Combinator's growth fund. We invest in YC’s top companies, including Brex, Checkr, Coinbase, Deel, DoorDash, Faire, Fivetran, GitLab, Gusto, Instacart, Podium, Rappi, Segment, Stripe, Zapier, and others. In addition to investing, our team runs programs that educate YC founders on the art of fundraising and company-building.

Your role will be to take a product-centric approach to sharing the practical knowledge and resources that founders need to raise successfully. You’ll also partner with founders on a daily basis to refine their pitch and position themselves well with investors.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead all elements of today’s core program: owning the YC Series A Guide, running workshops, providing 1:1 founder advice on fundraising strategy/tactics, pitching, investor selection, and closing.
  • Develop and execute the next version of the program so that it can scale with YC’s continued growth.
  • Manage a growing pipeline of companies that are raising Series A rounds.
  • Grow the awareness of the program and collect/integrate founder feedback.
  • Measure program engagement metrics and monitor outcomes.
  • Partner with teams across YC and YC Continuity on strategic priorities.

Success criteria

  • Founders highly rate all elements of the program.
  • Your advice/support to founders during fundraising processes is both timely and high-quality.
  • The program scales effortlessly with the growth of our founder community and provides more value each year with continuous improvements.
  • You are running the overall program and constantly iterating and developing scalable approaches to helping founders raise capital.
  • You have collaborative relationships across the founder community and the YC team.
  • You maintain tools and databases to operate a high-functioning program.


  • You have 4 to 10 years of relevant experience in product management, program management, business operations, corporate strategy, and/or management consulting.
  • You have a track record of independently managing high-impact/high-stakes projects.
  • You have an ability to think on your feet and quickly analyze company performance and market potential.
  • You can quickly build trust and rapport with founders in group and 1:1 settings.
  • You have a natural instinct for executing, obsessing over details, and keeping a high bar for quality.
  • You are a clear, concise, personable communicator.
  • You are fast-moving and value pragmatism over perfection.
  • You are generous, scrappy, low ego, and bring high enthusiasm to the role.
  • You have experience working at a fast-growing startup or equivalent team.

Location and benefits

The majority of our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have an office in Mountain View, CA. We would prefer to hire someone in the surrounding area, but we are open to remote hires that are located in the US.

Our benefits package includes medical, vision and dental benefits, 401(k) matching, parental leave, commuter benefits and a flexible vacation policy.

Why you should join Y Combinator

Y Combinator has a small ~6 person team that makes the software that runs YC. Hardly any investors write software, but YC was started by programmers so it's natural for us to solve our problems that way. We believe our software is a key competitive advantage and we are investing aggressively in new software products.

YC has ambitious plans to create more innovation in the world, and the only way to reach that level of impact is to scale through software. What we’ve built so far is probably only 10% of what we will eventually need.

As a member of the software team, you'll get full access to the YC program, just like founders do. You'll learn the ins and outs of how YC works, and you'll get to follow and learn from hundreds of companies. You'll meet some of the most successful people in the startup world and get exposed to the best startup ideas. And of course, if you ever want to start your own company, you’ll learn a lot about that from working at YC.