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Head of Marketing

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Guillaume Luccisano
Guillaume Luccisano

About the role

About Yuma:

Yuma is building Autonomous AI Agents dedicated to customer support and e-commerce. We have a fairly advanced platform supporting more than a hundred paying customers. Our agents are powered by knowledge and processes. They take actions and fetch external information from internal apps as needed.

Our top merchants are automating up to 60% of their support tickets through Yuma.

Yuma was founded by Guillaume Luccisano, a 3rd time YC founder.

Role Overview

We're still a small team of fewer than 15 people, but we're moving quickly! Speed of iteration is key. Over the past year, we've built and improved our product and tech significantly, and we've recently reached a high-quality threshold, delivering considerable value to our customers. Now, it's time to invest in our distribution, and that's where you come in!

We have a story to share, and merchants need to know what we can do for them. We're on our way to automating customer support, and they need to be aware of this. However, until now, we've primarily focused on our product, neglecting our communication and investing little in our story and marketing. This needs to change.

We are looking for someone who can lead our marketing organization and will:

  • Coordinate our efforts to release content regularly

  • Oversee marketing in HubSpot

  • Organize and manage both physical and virtual events

  • Ensure we attend the right conferences

  • Ensure our messaging is correct, consistent, and resonates

  • Handle decks and marketing visuals and materials

  • Manage ongoing communication with our lead database

  • And so much more!

About You:

You have previously led and built the marketing department at a fast-growing startup. You always strive for excellence, are pragmatic, and can handle the ambiguity of a complex product in a fast-moving environment.

You care about metrics and ensure to collect them whenever possible to make informed decisions.

If you are relentless and looking to join an early, hard-working team to make a splash, we want you. We are seeking someone who is ready to embrace a new challenge and commit to it 100%.

Your diploma doesn't matter to us; we only care about your skills.




Please, if you are considering applying, first read our culture page: <u>https://www.notion.so/yuma-ai/Yuma-s-Culture-5b0e15f1334242ce8a62daab9f2038a1?pvs=4</u>

About Yuma AI

Yuma is developing the most advanced AI agent orchestration platform, dedicated to customer support and ecommerce. We are automating the heavy burden that large Shopify merchants face in their day-to-day activities. This market is vast and homogeneous, and every single merchant needs Yuma. We have a head start in this space, but we will not rest until we are the clear winner in the e-commerce customer support AI market.

Yuma was launched in early 2023 by a third-time YC founder and is already serving hundreds of paying customers.

Yuma AI
Team Size:12
Guillaume Luccisano
Guillaume Luccisano