Automating Ecommerce Customer Service

Senior Full-stack / Rails Engineer

$1 - $135K / 0.40% - 0.80%
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6+ years
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Guillaume Luccisano
Guillaume Luccisano

About the role

Role Overview

We are still a small team with fewer than five engineers, but we are moving quickly. There is still a lot to do, so you will be working on a variety of tasks. We do a mix of iterations, A/B testing, LLM research projects, new feature development, performance work, and more. We are heavily focused on delivering value to our users. This is the only thing that matters.

Our backend is a standard Ruby on Rails API powered by PostgreSQL, Redis, and Sidekiq jobs. We already have a fair amount of load.

About You:

You have led and built multiple large Rails applications, and you always strive for excellence. You are pragmatic, making the right trade-offs that favor speed of iteration while maintaining high product quality. You are driven by delivering the best experience and value to your users. You might have a preference for working on backend projects, but you aren't afraid of frontend work. Rails has no secrets for you.

Recent experience playing with LLM is a big plus.

If you are relentless and looking to join an early, hard-working team, we want you. We are seeking someone who is looking to embrace a new challenge and commit to it 100%.

Your location and education don't matter to us; we only care about your skills.

Our Culture

Please, if you are considering applying, first read our culture page: https://www.notion.so/yuma-ai/Yuma-s-Culture-5b0e15f1334242ce8a62daab9f2038a1?pvs=4

🙏 Please don't take it personally if you don't hear back from us quickly or at all. We receive a large number of applications, and unfortunately, time is scarce in startups, so we can't reply to everyone.

About Yuma

Yuma is harnessing the power of LLM to solve the e-commerce customer support space. We are automating the heavy burden that Shopify merchants face in their day-to-day activities. This market is huge and homogeneous, and every single merchant needs Yuma. We have a head start in the space, but we will not rest until we are the clear winner in the e-commerce customer support AI market.

Yuma was launched in early 2023 by a third-time YC founder and is already serving one hundred customers.

Team Size:4
Guillaume Luccisano
Guillaume Luccisano