Software for remote monitoring of cancer patients

Senior Software Engineer at Zealth

Bengaluru / Remote
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3+ years
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Monika Mehta
Monika Mehta

About the role

🏥 Zealth helps patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, manage their condition at home and stay connected with their doctor through its machine learning based remote monitoring software.

Do send us a message if the following interests you -

  1. You are interested in applying a machine learning based approach for remote monitoring of chronic disease patients. ( prior ML experience isn’t necessary )
  2. You enjoy taking a startup from 0 - 1.
  3. You love working with a diverse team of medical and tech experts.
  4. You are continuously looking to learn and improve from the feedback we get from our users.


Monika Mehta, who has done her PhD in Cancer Biology from NUS, worked in various drug discovery projects during her time in Roche. Dheeraj Mundhra, have built & deployed multiple machine learning based products in healthcare as a part of scaling up startups in the last 7 years.

🖥️ Our current tech stack is node.js, AWS, MongoDB, Flutter along with Amazon & Google’s ML tools. Our core prediction algorithms are built over graphs.

💻 An ideal candidate would have 4-5 years of experience & would have architectured, built and deployed at least one application using node.js & any mobile application technology (Native, React Native, Flutter) that >10K users are currently paying for. Past experience leading a technical team or past experience with building machine learning based systems would be a bonus.

The responsibilities include

  1. Problem solver & loves working independently!
  2. Directing and leading software development process at Zealth.
  3. Develop secure and scalable software architecture that integrates with other healthcare systems.
  4. Developing tools and applications for internal and external healthcare professionals.
  5. Collaborating with internal teams and vendors to build tools while improving efficiency.
  6. Collaborating with DS and ML engineers to build a system that continuously learns and improves based on incoming data.

📥 If this sounds interesting - please write to us. Would love to hear about your experience taking a product / startup from 0 to 1!

Why you should join Zealth

Zealth is building remote monitoring software to help hospitals provide automated continuous round-the-clock support to their cancer patients post-discharge.

Hospitals are overburdened with no resources to provide care to their chronic patients once they leave the hospital. For instance, in India, there are only 2200 oncologists for 1.38 billion people. Patients travel 100 miles waiting for hours to get few minutes with the doctors. They have no easy means to manage all the toxicities and symptoms they get once they are back home.Zealth bridges this gap through its digital health intervention platform.

We are a passionate team of medical & technical experts aiming to make sure every patient gets the best care they deserve.

Team Size:2
Location:Bengaluru, India
Monika Mehta
Monika Mehta
Dheeraj Mundhra
Dheeraj Mundhra