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Sales Development Representative

₹1.4M INR
Remote (Chennai, TN, IN)
Job Type
1+ years
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  1. As an integral part of our team, you will be the driving force behind our inbound and outbound strategies.
  2. Creating Awareness and Driving New Pipeline: You'll be our ambassador, actively spreading awareness about our services and generating new opportunities for Account Executives (AEs) in their sales territories, focusing on their top target accounts
  3. Multi-Channel Magic: Tap into your arsenal of outreach methods - cold email, calling, LinkedIn charm, gifting and social selling - to uncover new sales gems.
  4. Nurturing Leads & Finding Goldmines: Dive deep into generating leads, nurturing those warm prospects, and scouting fresh sales hotspots.
  5. Disco Booking Dynamo: Handle inbound demo requests like a pro, ensuring those discos are booked and ready to dazzle.
  6. Qualifying Queen/King: Based on initial research, identify and qualify prospects who may not be the best fit, saving everyone time and energy.
  7. Matchmaking Mastery: Understand our prospects' needs like a pro, and suggest just the right products/services.
  8. Playbook Perfection: Be the genius behind refining our lead generation playbook with the best practices you discover.
  9. Relationships Rule: Build lasting connections with prospects, transforming leads into golden sales opportunities.
  10. Always On the Hunt: Keep your radar active for fresh business opportunities buzzing in the market.
  11. Report Rockstar: Keep the Sales Manager in the loop with your weekly, monthly, and quarterly wins.


  1. Education & Experience: A Bachelor's degree and a solid 1-2 years of Sales development experience, consistently overachieving those lead targets.
  2. Communication Champ: Your phone and email game? Top-notch.
  3. Creative Solutions Savvy: Show us your knack for thinking outside the box and those sharp analytical skills.
  4. Tech Whiz: Proficient in navigating tools like Salesforce, Apollo, Sales Navigator, and Intent tools.
  5. Growth Hunger: We love ambition! Show us your drive and potential to scale heights within our sales or customer success family.


• Competitive compensation

• Employee Friendly ESOPs

• Flexible Leave Program

• Home workstation setup

• A culture built on trust, transparency, and integrity

• Ground floor opportunity at a fast-growing series A startup

About Zuddl

Zuddl is a modular platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. Event teams from global organizations like Microsoft, Google, ServiceNow, Zylo, Postman, TransPerfect and the United Nations trust Zuddl. Our modular approach to event management lets B2B marketers and conferences organizers decide which components they need to build the perfect event and scale their event program. Zuddl is an outcome-oriented platform with a focus on flexibility, and is more partner, less vendor.


Zuddl being a part Y-Combinator 2020 batch has raised $13.35 million in Series A funding led by Alpha Wave Incubation and Qualcomm Ventures with participation from our existing investors GrowX ventures and Waveform Ventures.

Team Size:120
Location:Hyderabad, India
Vedha Sayyaparaju
Vedha Sayyaparaju
Bharath Varma
Bharath Varma