Lancey - 💻 Fast, interactive product demos

Lancey turns your product into an interactive replica!

Lancey is the easiest way to create interactive product demos to share with your prospects and customers.

While working in my previous role at a high growth startup, I grew frustrated with sharing demo videos with prospects that barely anyone even watched. Zoom fatigue did not make it easy for people to click on yet another video link.

Lancey helps solve this by putting the power of your demo in your prospect hands. Give them the ability to interact and engage with your product without spinning up trial accounts or sandboxes in less than 5 mins right from your website.

Lancey lets you:

  • Capture interactive demos that you can share instantly (including video and audio overlay)
  • Embed on landing pages to drive inbound leads
  • Track how customers interact so you can follow-up with the right data

Is it really that easy to set up?

  • It takes less than 5 mins!
  • Requires zero coding or integrations

Who can use Lancey?

  • Sales → Share your product demo within your outbound sequences to increase your reply rates
  • Marketing → Embed product demos on your landing pages to capture more inbound leads and target different personas with different demos
  • Customer Success → Onboard, educate and upsell existing customers using product demos without any friction

Looking to sign up? Email founders@getlancey.com to get set up with your own account!

Try out a demo here 👇🏼