Relate - Simple CRM that makes sales easy for startups

Relate lets you track customer communication and manage sales in one place.

Relate is a simple sales CRM designed for startups and SMBs.

We tried every sales CRM out there and couldn't find a simple, easy-to-use CRM for startups like us. We just wanted something simple - a good way to track leads, deals, and customer communication in one place.

So we decided to build it!

Relate lets you:

  • Track leads & customers in one place.
  • Track deals and manage sales pipeline.
  • Collaborate with your team on customer communication.
  • Use Command+K bar and shortcuts to navigate between customers from your keyboard! šŸ„āŒØļø

Collaborative sales: Comment on emails, notes, and deals with your team. Invite your developers, PMs, etc. as guests to share/discuss sales opportunities or customer inquiries together.

Keep your sales notes, emails, customer data in one place:

Who's it for?

Early-stage B2B founders & sales teams that need easier way to track customers and sales.

How does it compare vs. spreadsheets and/or Notion template?

- Relate is simple as spreadsheets, but it is a full-fledged CRM that integrates with your Gmail/Outlook. You can send/reply to emails in Relate and view email history for all your customers.
- Relate links leads, customer lists, sales pipeline, and your sales notes together.

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