Paces - Analytics for Profitable Green Infrastructure

Paces helps more clean energy and transportation projects get built profitably and in the right place!

The Problem

We need to build trillions worth of clean energy and transport infrastructure to have any chance of a sub 1.5 degree world.

Right now, it is really hard to build these projects. Nimbyism, zoning and grid capacity issues mean that only 1 in 5 green infrastructure projects are actually built, costing $18 Billion in canceled US projects per year. It's a mess.

The Solution

Paces enables more green infrastructure like solar and hydrogen to be built profitably, accelerating a climate positive built environment.

We collect zoning, permitting, grid and environmental data and calculate at the parcel level and help green infrastructure project developers and investors understand if the project makes sense for a particular parcel. If it does we also calculate the project’s profitability versus another climate positive use case.

About Us

We have built and sold world-class data and software solutions across industries, from fintech to AI at Fortune500 companies like Facebook AI and FactSet. After seeing how data transformed these industries, we thought it was wild that green infrastructure does not have the same tools. We have also had an exit to Google as employee 1 at an AI startup, and lead AI efficiency at Facebook.

Solar, wind, battery storage, hydrogen or EV infrastructure developers can contact us at info@paces.ai