🎗🐎 Chariot (S22) - payment button for nonprofits to accept $ from Donor Advised Funds

Chariot is a payment widget that nonprofits add to their website to easily accept donations from the $160B sitting in Donor Advised Funds

Charities add our “Pay with DAF” widget to their payment page. Donors click the button, log in to their DAF account, and make a payment – as easy as Paypal.

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a specialized financial account used for the purpose of charitable giving. It allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants (that become donations) to 501(c) charities over time. Once considered a tool primarily for the wealthy, DAFs have started gaining mainstream adoption. With over 1 million accounts, growing at 37% a year, DAFs are now the fastest growing vehicle in all of philanthropy.


  1. 🛑 Can’t give with your DAF on fundraisers, campaigns, or a nonprofit’s website. Your friend sends you a link to donate to their marathon campaign. Even though you have money in your DAF that can only go to charity you can’t use these DAF funds to donate.
  2. 💵 DAF money is sitting idle and not going to charity. In 2020, $160 Billion sat in DAF accounts ready to be donated.
  3. 🤔 Charities can’t easily connect with their DAF donors: Blank checks come in from many different DAFs without clarity on who it’s coming from
  4. 😒 Charities have unnecessary back office DAF work. When DAF donations are received, nonprofits have to manually input these donations into their CRMs.


  1. Enable donors to give at fundraisers and campaigns with their DAFs in 3 simple clicks
  2. Unlock more DAF donations, larger donations (DAF donors are, on average, 30% more generous), and multiply nonprofit funds with Chariot's recurring donation option.
  3. Connect with your DAF donors: By providing nonprofits with up-to-date donor contact information (if donor permits), they can now foster direct connections with their biggest DAF supporters.
  4. Track your DAF donations: Chariot integrates with a nonprofit’s donation form provider and CRM so they can track the status of their DAF donations automatically. Monitor those donations as they are initiated, approved, and sent out.


We are planning on launching this fall!

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