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🧗 On a mission to create the best developer experience for Web3 native teams

Hey Fam 👋

Jensen and James from @Zoltar Labs here! Zoltar is the easiest way for Web3 / smart contract developers to spin up test environments and accelerate testing velocity.⚡️

What is Zoltar 💡

Zoltar is a controlled test environment where anyone on the team can configure and run simulations. Developers deploy smart contracts to a private instance of an EVM-compatible blockchain, where collaborators can perform tests against different states or integrate frontend with deployed contracts.

This enables the following for smart contract development today:

  • Incremental updates: CI integration with Zoltar sandboxes means that every small change results in an automatic deployment to our test environment instead of clunky deployments to public testnets or mainnet
  • Teamwide visibility: Developers can simply launch their own sandbox with the environment setup they have locally, and share these states in the form of sandboxes with their teammates

Who is This For 👶

Web3 teams (e.g. smart contract engineers, frontend engineers, PMs, etc) that want a better testing experience than public testnets. No more wasting time on:

  • ✍️ Writing scripts to share test states among developers
  • 💰 Obtaining test tokens from faucets
  • 😩 Clunky frontend integration experience with testnets
  • 🚫 Worrying about test code being accessible on public testnets

Why We Built This 😷

One of the most painful things about smart contract testing is not being able to share test environment states or integrate with deployed smart contracts easily. This stems from not having control over the blockchain testing environment. Existing tools were all built for single-developer utility, and all the test environments sit locally on your machine.

For blockchain companies, sharing environment states today involves additional scripting and mocking of protocols, which slows down velocity. Alternatively, testing directly on a public testnet involves manual sharing of private keys, which poses security risks.

We’d Love to Hear From You 🤝

Email us at jensen@zoltarlabs.com or james@zoltarlabs.com if…

  • You are a blockchain developer and have experienced pain points with the current testing workflow
  • You are part of a Web3 team and want a more streamlined smart contract development experience

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