Metriport - Plaid for Healthcare Data

Metriport helps healthcare organizations access and manage comprehensive patient medical data.

Metriport is Plaid for healthcare data. We help healthcare companies access and manage patient health and medical information, through our open-source API and platform.

Through a single integration, Metriport ensures clinical accuracy and completeness of medical information to providers, delivering comprehensive consolidated patient clinical data at the point-of-care. By standardizing, de-duplicating, consolidating, and hydrating the data with medical code crosswalking, providers get a rich understanding of their patients' medical histories through Metriport.

As a developer-first, HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II compliant interoperability solution, Metriport is powering the next wave of innovators in healthcare, creating an internet for healthcare data.

Medical API

Serving as the world’s first open-source on-ramp to HIEs, our Medical API enables companies to seamlessly access comprehensive clinical histories for their patients.

Out-of-the-box, our solution provides access to medical records for ~90% of individuals in the United States, leveraging our data-sharing partners, CommonWell and Carequality.

How it works is simple: you provide basic demographic information about your patient — name, date of birth, gender, and address — and we return their medical records in standardized formats, such as FHIR and C-CDA.

If you’re a company looking to access patient medical records, get in touch with us today to learn how our Medical API can solve your interoperability needs.

Why Open-Source?

We chose to build the world’s first open-source API for healthcare data, based on a number of advantages this offers:

  1. Immortal code: with our open-source approach, you’re reliant on our code, not our business. If a closed-source company goes out of business tomorrow, its customers are out of luck. With open-source, you get unparalleled reliability, always maintaining the ability to self-host the source code on your own servers. This advantage can be especially critical in healthcare, where organizations need to ensure longterm stability and success for their patients.

  2. Security: externally auditable source code makes Metriport more secure than our proprietary counterparts. Furthermore, closed-source vendors may not be as forthcoming about any security issues, leaving their customers vulnerable to potential security breaches. It goes without saying, but we’re also HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliant, thanks to our compliance monitoring partner, Vanta.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: in addition to offering a SaaS cloud hosted solution, we also offer our customers the ability to self-host our code, meaning there’s no risk of vendor lock-in. This is ideal for companies looking for a long term vendor partnership, knowing they can always self-host down the road once they scale their business.

  4. Customizability: our solutions allows customers to benefit from community contributions, and build their own custom features and integrations on top of our source code.

Getting Started

🚀 Metriport Developer Dashboard: this is where you can create your developer account, play around with Sandbox, and get your API key.

📚 Our Developer Docs: here you can follow our Quickstart Guide. Our docs are the best way for you to familiarize yourself with our API’s core concepts.

👨‍💻 Public Github repo: view our source code, fork our repo, and give us a ⭐️ if you’re feeling generous!

☎️ Book a call with us: interested in finding out how Metriport can support your use case? Grab a time to chat with us and we’ll figure out how we can work together.

Got any further questions? Check out our website or drop us a note.

Happy developing!