Uwi: Embedded mortgage broker for Southeast Asia residential developers

Sell your units quicker with the help of Uwi's automated mortgage application

Hi everyone! We are Uwi [oo-WEE] which is Filipino for “to go home”

Uwi makes it easy for Philippine homebuyers and real estate investors to get a mortgage. We embed our mortgage application directly into the websites of local real estate developers so their buyers can get qualified and underwritten in just a few clicks.

Our goal is a proof of concept in the Philippines then quickly expand throughout Southeast Asia (Indonesia is next!).

What’s the issue?

The banks are slow! They take between 3 - 6 months to close 1 residential mortgage! The quicker alternative lenders charge interest rates of 19.0%+ per year! All sides of the buying process are negatively affected including the buyer, the seller (developer), and the brokers. The developers get hit the hardest because they take the biggest risk to build the property and need to quickly repay their construction loan and investors in hopes to make a profit.

The Uwi solution!

We are solving this issue in several ways:

(1) Developers opt their project into uwi’s white label program and choose from uwi’s extensive loan catalog which loans to offer to homebuyers on their website.

(2) uwi offers basic acquisition loans AND bespoke loan products which require little to zero $ down and the ability to close deals <14 business days.

(3) uwi embeds our mortgage application widget on the developer website which allow their Buyers to quickly get pre-qualified and apply for a loan.

(4) uwi automates the borrower experience to get pre-qualified instantly and to speed up the due diligence process to 7 business days for banks to close in 30 days.

(5) uwi provides 24/7 customer support to ensure the Buyer has an excellent borrower experience and closes their deal quickly. The developer is happy because they sold a unit quickly as well.

How did we come up with this?

Unfortunately, we all went through terrible mortgage experiences with our friends and family members. During our customer survey exercise, we spoke to several residential developers who were complaining far worse because it was negatively impacting their business and growth. We had a light bulb moment and pivoted our company to focus on them.

Offer to the YC Community:

We would appreciate any introduction to people (Filipino, former Filipino, Foreigner) who are interested in buying a home, condo, lot in the Philippines or know any residential developers and investors in the Philippines.

We split our origination fee 50/50 for any successful closes!