🛰 Quindar - Automated Satellite Operations

Satellite Mission Management as a Service

Hey everyone! Today we’re launching Quindar, a web app used by satellite owners to track, contact, monitor and operate satellites from deployment into space until end-of-life. For example, NASA could use Quindar to test and operate their satellites with minimal human intervention.

We’re six former OneWeb engineers who helped build the software that operates the second largest satellite constellation today – at 428 and counting. After OneWeb, we built another operations center for an earth imaging constellation but today we are building a unified platform for every satellite owner.

The Satellite Industry Problem

Current satellite mission software solutions are a mix of COTS products that was built over 20 years ago.

  • ☁️  Not cloud native
  • 🛰  Created for a handful of satellites
  • 🔐  Outdated security
  • 💽  Rarely web native

There are 4,500 active satellites in orbit today however 1,700 will be launched each year through 2030. The space industry is shifting from companies launching a handful of satellites over a decade, to launching hundreds of satellites in just a few years.

The traditional model of many engineers operating a few satellites doesn’t scale.

The Quindar Solution

Quindar provides satellite mission management as a service. Our platform:

  • Allows only a single engineer to operate hundreds of satellites.
  • Includes the software to track, contact, and monitor satellites. No installation required.
  • Integrates seamlessly with AWS and Atlas antennas (more to come).
  • Aggregates and analyzes satellite, antenna, and infrastructure anomalies.
  • Accessible from any phone or computer.
  • Built on AWS GovCloud with the latest FedRAMP and NIST security controls.

Why the world needs Quindar

Our mission is to democratize space. To be the IT for what are essentially flying servers. Customers need to focus on their mission - image collection and resolution, docking to another spacecraft, landing on an asteroid, or broadband from space and let us manage the infrastructure and software utility that supports it.

How you can help

If you, your friends, or colleagues are trying to launch a satellite please reach out to us at founders@quindar.space. We’d love to save them the pain of building and managing a software team and all the gotcha’s that come with satellite ops! Friends don’t let friends build their own mission ops 🙅.

Email: founders@quindar.space

Website: https://quindar.space/

Ad Astra,

@Nate Hamet, @Matt Regan, @David Lawrence, @Sunny Bhagavathula, @Shaishav Parekh, Zach Meza