Signatur Biosciences

🧪 Signatur Biosciences diagnoses anything with a simple PCR test.

We expand PCR testing to a whole new range of diseases!

tl;dr: Signatur Biosciences is a B2B molecular diagnostics design company. Our technology expands PCR testing to a whole new range of conditions. We design smart PCR kits that can detect complex diseases as easily as a COVID test, using standard qPCR machines. Our tests seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows and ubiquitous laboratory instruments, empowering us to become the enabling technology platform for a $20B industry.

👋 Hey everyone! We’re Celestin and John. We are determined to transform the state of medical diagnostics. We set out to find a solution that delivers state-of-the art diagnosis on ubiquitous instrumentation to put cutting-edge healthcare within the reach of everyone, everywhere.

The Problem.

Right now, PCR testing is limited to simple diseases. Covid is a good example. You take a sample from a patient and look for one biomarker. If the biomarker is there, the patient has the disease; no biomarker, no disease. Simple.

But most conditions aren't that simple. There’s a $20B industry using patterns of multiple biomarkers that diagnose complex diseases, but to deploy their tests they’re relying on legacy technologies that are too slow and expensive to really help people, limiting their market reach.

🧬 Signatur Biosciences’s solution.

Our platform expands PCR testing to a whole new range of conditions, beyond just infectious disease to include everything from chronic diseases, treatment selection, and disease monitoring.

We have re-engineered the molecular architecture of the polymerase chain reaction, empowering it to process the information from multiple biomarkers simultaneously. We combine the power of gene signature diagnosis with the ease and familiarity of a single PCR reaction.

Every biomedical lab in the planet is equipped with PCR machines. This was true before the pandemic. But as a response to the pandemic, the PCR testing capacity in the US has increased by 5500% (3000% in the UK). We are giving those machines something new to do.

🚀 How can Signatur Biosciences help me?

We are partnering with companies to design our platform around their biomarker panels, offering broader market reach bringing such tests to more patients.

In parallel, we are building our own assay portfolio. We are developing our own internal pipeline of tests to tackle diseases that can only be interrogated by our technology.

How you can help.

We are looking for introductions to companies in the molecular diagnostics space. This could be companies developing portable hardware. Specifically developing genomic testing, or assays based on gene expression analysis.