Slingshot: Automating reducing people's medical bills

Saving patients 50% on average on their medical bills

Hi! We’re Zoe and Pranov, co-founders of Slingshot, software to reduce people’s medical bills.

The Problem:
Healthcare in the US is complicated, confusing, and above all too expensive. 50% of Americans now carry medical debt, and estimated 80% of hospital bills have errors.

What Slingshot Does

When a patient gets a medical bill they upload it to our website, and Slingshot analyzes the bills to find the errors, the up-codes, the items insurance should have covered but didn’t, and the items that can be negotiated to a lower cost. Slingshot handles all the time consuming interactions with hospitals and insurance companies to fix errors and negotiate costs. We take a small percentage of the savings we get customers, and save customers 50% per bill on average.

The Backstory of How We Started
When I (Zoe) got a $1400 bill for a gynecologist appointment I was shocked and angry. I trusted my doctor, but was confused why I was being billed over a month's worth of rent for something I thought would be free. 4 weeks later, I had researched, filed claims, audited medical codes, and negotiated to reduce my bill. The whole process though was exhausting.

Maybe your story involves pregnancy complications, or maybe it involves a planned checkup, whatever the case if it occurred at a hospital it likely involves an inflated bill. And that bill can likely be reduced in cost.

Our Ask
If you or someone you know has an expensive medical bill, sign up on our website https://slingshotbills.com. We would love to help you reduce that cost.
If you are or know a doctor, nurse, or patient advocate and who would refer patients to us who are in need of assistance. Please send us an email at founders@slingshotbills.com and we can give you information to pass along.