Striga - Crypto and Banking APIs

Embed crypto & banking infrastructure into your application

Hello YC,

Prashanth here, from Striga. Striga is a set of APIs that allows you to blend banking infrastructure and crypto infrastructure in a way that works for your application, without requiring you to need a license or compliance team of any sort.

For instance, you can issue a Visa card and link it to a USDT or Bitcoin account, or you can simply onboard users and generate unique USDC deposit addresses to build compliant on/off ramps.

Check out the documentation here - docs.striga.com

What Striga Fixes

Building and launching a crypto application that uses traditional financial services (such as card issuing/banking) is either compliance intensive, expensive, constrained or unavailable.

We shipped the first ever Bitcoin LN powered payment card which took nearly 2.5 years to come to fruition, simply because banks refused to work with us or give us the room we needed to innovate. Instead, we ended up having to build two separate mobile applications powered by two different banks, connected via the lightning network. Those same APIs evolved into what Striga is today.

If you are building a payments application or anything that requires on/off ramps or secure crypto custody/trading, I encourage you to try building on Striga - We’ve seen prototypes built in less than 24 hours!

You can sign up for a free developer account, get your API keys, fork our postman collection and start building in minutes!

The deal

Pricing for launching your app on Striga is publicly available here. Please contact us on hello@striga.com if you're interested in building on the platform!

Additionally, if you're looking to launch payment cards and saw this post, get in touch and we'll give you a 50% discount on the manufacturing cost of your first batch of cards with us (i.e. 500 free physical cards).