tranch - B2B Buy Now, Pay Later for Software and Services

Embedded payment flexibility from $10k - $250k for SaaS and Services

Tranch enables SaaS and Service providers to get paid upfront while offering their customers payment flexibility. Customers can spread invoices from $10k to $250k over 3 to 12 months.

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As startup execs, we dreaded large invoices

Philip’s time as a scale up CFO taught us

  1. Payment options are inflexible for crucial SaaS tools and professional services.
  2. Monthly repayments required lengthy negotiation and often a 20%+ premium.
  3. Large invoices are usually offline, email based journeys.

Payment options for the big stuff suck

  1. SaaS companies want recurring revenue upfront and Services have limited cash flow to defer payments. Customers want to spread large invoices. It’s always a negotiation.
  2. SaaS companies & Services can’t offer credit (risk, regulation, etc).
  3. Credit cards don’t work for larger items:
    - SaaS companies and Services won’t accept them due to high fees
    - They provide only short term improvement to a buyer’s cashflow

Collect revenue now & offer flexibility to your customers

  1. Using a Pay with tranch checkout, businesses can offer flexible terms for SaaS tools & Services - up to $250k - over 3 to 12 months.
  2. Businesses can use their tranch account to fund other large invoices with other suppliers (even those not on our platform).
  3. We handle the complexity: underwriting, payments, collections and regulatory obligations.

You increase your revenue, reduce churn and collect payment upfront.

We’ve now expanded to the US - sign up at tranch.com and see what you could Pay with tranch.

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