Vessel: Easily integrate with your customer’s CRM

Vessel allows developers to read and write to their customer’s CRM with one integration.

⁉️ Problem

For products that need access to their customer’s CRM, having a breadth of integrations has become table-stakes. However, it is difficult to build CRM integrations in-house, because you need to:

  • support different types of authentication
  • understand the data model, APIs, and ever-changing specs of each CRM platform
  • handle platform limitations like API quotas and limited webhooks support
  • transform data from your customer’s CRM for use in your product

Companies are spending a lot of engineering resources building and maintaining CRM integrations in-house. For instance, we spoke to a company that built a HubSpot integration and had to turn it off because they didn’t have the resources to handle HubSpot’s API limits.

💡 Solution

Vessel is the universal API for CRMs, making it easy for developers to build applications that integrate with their customer’s CRM.

  • A unified interface to read and write across 8 objects: Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Deals, Events, Notes, Tasks, Users
  • Webhooks to keep your data fresh without polling even if the end platform does not offer webhooks on certain objects.
  • A drop-in UI to securely connect your customer’s CRM to your product
  • Avoidance of rate limits for platforms you integrate with
  • Improved developer experience with strongly associated objects. You can easily identify all of the associated objects (e.g. going from leads -> accounts, accounts -> leads)

⚡ Get started

If you’re looking to integrate CRMs into your product, book some time here or send us an email with your use case at founders@vessel.land! Learn more at https://vessel.land.