REVER: easy returns, faster refunds

We make eCommerce returns possible in 2 clicks and refunds in minutes


REVER is a game-changing shopping experience that makes eCommerce returns possible in 2 clicks and refunds in 24h.

If you are an eCommerce and want to revolutionise your returns experience find out more at: www.itsrever.com

What are we solving?

Returns are the new normal, reaching up to 30% of online sales in western markets, making reverse logistics a $500B/year industry globally. Moreover, margins and growth are at risk for eCommerces if they don't adapt:

  • 70% of customers check the return policy before buying
  • 89% of customers won't buy again after a bad return experience
  • 10 working days is the average time it takes to get refunded after an online return


  1. A customizable whitelabel returns portal for eCommerce and retailers of the world, so that their end customers are able to request returns in 2 just clicks
  2. Once a return request comes in, REVER has a superfast refund solution, that makes customers get refunded in less than 1 minute (vs. 21 days today!)
  3. We are integrated with +50 logistics carriers to make the collection process easier and faster too, and centralize the information in a single dashboard (SaaS) that enables eComs to manage their returns more efficiently.

Why are we doing this?

Because returning should be as easy as buying. REVER is shaping the future of eCommerce bringing frictionless, superfast and sustainable returns to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Our's ambition is to dominate ALL eCommerce post-sale services by creating the world's first global platform for online returns.

Marius, while at Glovo as Global Head of Logistics, was approached by multiple clients (Aliexpress, Apple, Nike, etc.) who wanted a solution for returns management, Glovo was offering them a Last Mile solution, but they also needed a solution for returns.

Oriol carried out the reverse logistics strategic plan USA's biggest carrier while at BCG and, working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, participated a series of multi-billion deals involving the world's biggest fashion marketplaces and detected that returns are a critical part of the operations and financial performance for eCommerce.

How to get started?

We are offering a 1-month free trial to retailers that want to join the future of eCommerce. If you are struggling with your returns, send us an email at sales@itsrever.com.