AccessOwl: Automate SaaS access for your employees

SaaS account provisioning and permissioning for your workforce. Save 30 minutes on every access request.

tl;dr AccessOwl automates how your employees receive access to SaaS tools. Provision any tool, no matter what API is available. IT teams from companies like Zeplin save 30 minutes on every access request.

📜 The Story

Manually creating software accounts, documenting it in Gsheets and rushing through dozens of tools with every offboarding. Those are struggles we faced time over time when building prior startups. Available solutions only cover a fraction of the tools and require expensive upgrades to enterprise-subscriptions (SSO.Tax). That’s why we built an easy-to-use tool with a Slack-UI that every employee knows how to work with and bundled it with unmatched provisioning capabilities (hundreds of apps!).

❌ The Problem

  1. 30 minutes wasted for every Access Request: Your workforce needs to request, approve, provision, communicate & document for every single access request
  2. Enterprise subscriptions needed: Other solutions only work with specific APIs (SCIM/SAML) for which the highest enterprise subscription is needed (”SSO Tax”).
  3. Compliance & Security: Documenting who has access to what is a manual and tedious process that never is 100% accurate

✨ The Solution

  1. Automated workflows in Slack: On- & Offboardings, Access Requests and Approvals all handled directly in Slack. Stop the JIRA ticket-flood - saving your workforce time and nerves.
  2. Provisioning & Permissioning: AccessOwl is the future of Access Management. It handles all account changes (creation, deletion, updates) for all SaaS applications. The best: It works no matter what API is available.
  3. Stay SOX, SOC2, HiPAA, ISO27001 compliant: Full Audit-trail about who has access to what and ability to schedule recurring Access Reviews.

How it Works

  1. Install it in Slack: Give your employees access in one single click
  2. App Discovery & Sync: Let AccessOwl discover all applications used by your team by connecting to your Google Workspace
  3. Start (De)Provisioning: Have AccessOwl automate all of your provisioning and deprovisioning tasks

🌐 Integrations

AccessOwl already works with over 100+ applications. Let us know which are the most relevant to you!

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