AlgoTest - Algorithmic Trading Platform for India's Day Traders

We bring cutting edge research and execution to India's day traders

tl;dr: On AlgoTest, you can test your trading strategies for free and deploy them to the live market, without writing any code 😎😎

We’re Raghav and Rajat, founders at AlgoTest!

The Problem

Over the last 5 years, the number of day traders in India has 💥EXPLODED💥. Last year, more options traded in India’s National Stock Exchange than in all US exchanges combined!

BUT, the tools that these day traders use to trade are nascent, inefficient, and costly.

How do we help?

We’ve built similar tools for institutions like hedge funds and HFT firms before. Our tools are 10x more powerful, and cost a fraction of what retailers currently pay.

Our first tool, a free options backtester with a no-code interface, now comes with a Live Execution Engine.

This means that any strategy you test with our backtester can now be deployed to the live market at the click of a button!


If you have a trading account in India, check us out on algotest.in, or give us a shoutout on Twitter.