BlueHill Payments

BlueHill Payments 💳 - Payment Workflows For Scale

Lower merchant fees and increase payment acceptance by choosing the right payment processor to use for each transaction


BlueHill makes it easy to connect to different payment service providers and start taking digital payments. We do this by integrating with different payment gateways and offering you the best rates across all payment options for each transaction.

🤕 The Problem:

  • As businesses scale, they begin to outgrow their payment systems, leaving them to use multiple tools and software to manage their revenue operations.
  • Maintaining multiple systems increases vendor lock-in and forces businesses to spend more on fees when accepting digital payments.
  • It’s difficult to get lifecycle analytics across multiple payment service providers

🤩 The Solution - BlueHill

  • ✅  Manage all of your revenue and transactions in one place
  • ✅  Use your existing payment service providers
  • ✅  See customer transaction history, LTV, and revenue graphs in real time
  • ✅  Save time and increase billing efficiency

🧠 Intelligent Routing Platform:

BlueHill can support all your payment-related business needs, whether its fast settlement, lower fees or tiered billing with an easy-to-use Dashboard or API. Route transactions to service providers based on rates and business priorities.

🚀 Our Ask - Join our Pilot

  • We want you! Interested in BlueHill’s solution? Contact us at founders@bluehillpayments.com or go to https://bluehillpayments.com
  • Additionally, if you know any businesses looking to streamline their complex payment operations and are willing to make an intro please email us directly. Any help is appreciated.