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Hey YC friends 👋 Angela LiuJames Liu, and I are the founders of Needl.


Needl lets you instantly find any document, message, or file you need. We're a single, intelligent search bar for all your apps.

We started Needl to solve our own problem: finding the information we needed to do our work was hard. Our knowledge was spread out across all of our apps like Notion, GDrive, Local (gasp), Gmail, Slack, the list goes on. We were always asking ourselves — was that sent over Slack or email? Or is that spec doc in Drive, Notion, Dropbox, Box, or Quip? As SaaS sprawl got worse, so did our problem.

So we set out to break down these silos and build a single source of truth with:
🔎 Great, unified search: Find exactly what you need
💪 Works where you work: Available on Mac, Windows, and Web
⚡️ Fast: Hotkey oriented and instantly responsive

How our customers use Needl

“Right before every customer call I use Needl to pull up notes from the last meeting on Notion, messages with my cofounders in Slack, emails with the client in Gmail, and miscellaneous contracts & decks in Drive - all with one search. It just saves me time.”

“I was looking for an email from a few months back that I couldn’t find in Gmail. It was the first result in Needl - no muss, no fuss."

Get started for free at needl.tech! Setup takes less than 2 minutes.